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The 2015 SESSIONS lost steamm to complete due to a heavy shoot load with other projects. My series The Halloween Project took most of my time. I was able to shoot 4 sets. Sabrina Barger, Jordan McLeod, Sam and Charly. Charly and Sams covers where ideas I wanted to do way from the beginning of SESSIONS, especially Charly's. You have no ideas how many adults I asked to do this and they refused. When all else fails let a kid do it!

Sabrina Barger: I've shot her since she was 18. Beautiful model who was runway material. She alwasy blew away any shoot we did with her natural talent. Beauty plus and inner sensuality. When she was younger, I would pitch an idea and she would say when do we shoot? I feel like I watched her grow up. Each and every time I have shot her, its been during a new phase of her life. Most recently the drive in her life is raising her baby boy and building her physique. She's no longer the skinny little string bean I used to shoot. Her body tansformation is impressive, yet she retains that beautiful face. Now, If I could just get her to go back to modeling.

Charly: Charly is one of my newest model who just recently is begining to expand her modeling work and build a portfolio. She's one of my best models at doing anything asked of her. Many of the concept fantasy pictures I have done, has Charly in it. She's the lil professional. Has to know the idea behind the concept, what she will be wearing, any ideas I might have drawn, etc...I get the full out sell me on this idea from her. I think we have the makings for a future professional model here.
Just like Charly, Sam is an up and coming model. But for Sam, it's all for fun. He's loves to be part of whatever concept idea I might have. If he can act goofy in it then all the better. I've poured corn flakes over him, given him a chainsaw to wield like a maniac, and I've also had him become a World War 1, Aviator. In 90% of his shoots you will find him laughing. His portfolio is almost as big as Charly's.
Jordan Mcleod: Jordan impresses me in that he isn't a model, but when the camera comes on he becomes one. Another natural, Jordan has sat for a handful of concept shoots I've shot. In 2015's The Halloween Project he is in at least three of the shoots. For SESSIONS, I needed a GQ guy who looks good in a suit. Jordan did well at that. More of his GQ set can be seen on my main website. And hopefully I can get him to be part of the 2016, The Halloween Project.