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2017 was a personal success. I worked hard at making this online publication something worth looking in on. A publication good enough to hold it's own. Each issue garnered more and more views, registering hits locally and internationally. True, I still worked with a very small team of people, yet we did great things. So where are we going from here?

A. Like the year before, I am looking for a new design. Possibly changing the design tool we use. That's something that is yet to be decided. but I do know it deserves to look it's best. So it might not be the first issue, but it will happen.

B. SESSIONS will be a 6 issue year. Starting in February of 2018. The next issues, April, June, August, October and December. The Halloween Takeover Issue will be our biggest issue of the year. Deadlines will be announced, with themes. Request for submissions will go out to contributors only once. I can't keep reminding artist to submit until deadline. Our hits and fans, show we are a growing magazine/website. So we deserve some respect. Submission Guidelines will be posted with the deadlines.

C. A print version of SESSIONS is planned with contributors being included in the publication. This will be a small mag, less words and more art. It will be for purchase. It's still on the drawing board and we are talking it out. If all plans work out then the issue is slated for summer release. This is a big step and to be honest there are times I would rather all this be in print and NOT online at all. I'm a darkroom guy and to feel art in your hands is magic.

D. The Magazine will move to allowing Fine Art Nude into its fold of work. Nothing more then an R rating. Nothing X. My orgins began in the area of Fine Art Nude and Erotic. There are many artist whose work I want to include in SESSIONS. In doing this I need to expand the type of work we show.

E. Local contributors to SESSIONS will be sought out, as well as National and International. This magazine needs to grow outside of the local market we tap into. 2017 saw us open our doors to Canada and the UK. So we are going to go after all artist. I'm excited to see this happen.

These are the big changes to SESSIONS. This is what we have planned for 2018. We're excited for the changes and the growth.