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In the process of working on the magazine, I ve have been inundated with questions about who I am and what SESSIONS is about. So, we felt that all these questions deserved an answer. Mainly about me and why I do SESSIONS. This part of the magazine was NOT planned but due to our having a lot of new faces in the magazine as well as viewing, let's go down through a few questions and give them answers.

1. Q: What exactly is SESSIONS? And why do you do it? A: SESSIONS is derived from a coverart photo series I created in 2014. Enough prodding from friends and family led to coverting it over to an actual magaizne. It's based on many magazines but to name would be, Rolling Stone. I do NOT do the magazine out of a need for attention, rather I do it because I like to find and include other artist into my art, my want to view and display their creations.

2. Q:Who exactly am I and what are my credentials? My name is Kerry Ray Tracy. I'm an artist turned photographer, turned photographic artist, moonlighting as an editor of a magazine. I'm 54, soon to be 55. I did not go to college. Every form of art I have done, has been self taught. I am or was a darkroom hermit, painted murals, sculpted, drew, baked bread, the list can go on and on. In 1990, my main focus became that of a photographer. Shot everything from commercial to art for the next ten years. Then went blind. My main eye. My right eye. It's called, CSR, and the easy answer is it's a rupture to the chamber that houses your Macula. Shooting became difficult, since when trying to use my left eye, I found I had no depth of field. It would ware on my brain. So I switched back to painting, until something could be figured out what to do. Answer came in 2006, where they began shooting my eye up with steroids. While I still cannot shoot with my right eye, (it's fully blind), I can shoot with the left. Sitting out of shooting for 6 years, when I went back to it, I shot mainly the art side and stuck with color. Black & White,  I have trouble with. My eye now sees interesting hues of light. Thus I tend to enjoy shooting in color, more often then not. Quick answer is I'm a self taught artist and photographer to likes publishing their own magazine.  Twice divorced, now single and enjoying it. My daughter works on SESSIONS magazine with me, Artist/Photographer, Jessica Jinx.

3. Q: What do I use to edit my work and create the art I do. A: Many programs is the easy answer. I use, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Corel Paintshop Pro, Nik Google. There are some images I create that uses all of these programs, while some might use one or two. I honestly don't feel any of them are 100% the best. That would make me boring. Evolve!! Try new things. I've talked to many artist who find photoshop difficult. I get that, so then I advise them to use an easier program. There is no faulting someone or seeing them as less if they use an easier program. I find it amusing the artist who judge others on who can use adobe and who cannot. Get over yourselves. The website is created using two different programs, but that will change next year. The look of the magazine will change as well.

4. Q: Do I make money from the magazine? And where is it's biggest fan base from? A: NO! I don't make any money off of SESSIONS so far. But that will change. We are actively moving the magazine into the adversting area, including ad space as well as advertising packages with rates. In 2019 we will go all out. But for now, no! Not a dime. I am a photo whore. I enjoy showing my own work as well as those of others. As for our fan base? I'll be honest. I'm located dead center of Kansas in the US. SESSIONS only yields about 3% of it's fan base from Kansas. Not sure why that is, although it might be that I don't put myself out there in my local area. I have great respect for my colleagues, there are some extremely talented artist and photographers in Kansas City. I just don't mix with them that often. Plus I think that many locally where I am see a magazine as a diminishing way of showing their work and they could be right in this. So, the other 97% is split between the rest of the US and internationally. To be exact, SESSIONS fan base as of our last 5 issues, comes from Canada, the UK, the farther into Europe and Asia. In the first 24 hours of it's release, on almost every issue, the UK beats everyone else out in raping the magazine. They don't just hit the cover, they hit the whole magazine. What does any of this matter? Because I am an artist. I don't want my work just seen by my friends on the block. I want my work seen throughout the world. And so far,.....SESSIONS gets that done. How do I know all this. Look at the bottom of each page. I track the website.

5. Q: What's up with the Halloween obsession? A: This falls into the area of, it's my party and I will cry if I want to. I'm into photo series and I really really love Halloween. But not like everyone else does. You say Halloween and every photographer I know runs out to get fake blood to cover a model in. Or, the clown makeup comes out. That's not me. I like old horror movies. I love old Hollywood and how they would advertise a horror flick. I also like more thought into what scares me. To date the only thing that actually terrfies me is ghost. The rest. Not a bit. So my Halloween photo work is more based on the theme and it being a satire or unique, not scarey. I do, do blood, but not like the rest. So how did all this takeover the magazine? Two years ago I was sitting in my office without a subject matter for the next issue. Plus it was late. I had been shooting all these Halloween images and had lost trck of time for the magazine. Using the images I had I merged my photo series with the magazine and had it "Takeover" one issue. The rest is history. We get great hits on the Halloween issue. It's a fan favorite. One a side note,......I am working on a book based around the Halloween Project, that and a poser series. So 2019 will be very busy.

6. Last Question: Is SESSIONS an actual magazine and is it available in print form? A: It is an actual magazine and come 2019 we will work to make it even more a reality. In fact we are working on it as we do this issue. As for a print version. No it is not but it will be. Least wise a one year issue of the mag will be available in print form.