I'm now looking to offer a variety of advertising packages and possibilities for SESSIONS Online Magazine. The criteria? There is none. If you have a proiduct and want to advertise it, contact me. If you have a product and it needs to be shot and advertised, contact me. If you are a tattooist and sling ink for a living and want some PR, then contact me. If you have band and want a layout in SESSIONS, links, and a list of your gigs, contact me. Are you a starting a small business and want to advertise? Contact me. Make cakes and wanna ad? Contact me. Having a clothing line you want pimped? Contact me. There literally is nothing I will not consider running as an ad on SESSIONS. I'm bringing back the banner ad as well as providing an advertising directory. We will even interview you and create a spotlight ad. I offer photo services, graphics and depending on the package we create for you, can keep your ad going through more the one issue. Cost for all this is extremely low right now. I want SESSIONS to build. To grow. Advertising is one of the best ventures is doing this. But I can't offer low cost forvever, so get on board asap.

Inquiries, send an email along with what type of advertising you require, information about you, or your product, and if you are working on a budget. We have a variety of package offers or we can tailor make one for your needs.

I have 7+ years experience with all kinds of carpet repair. Stretching, patching, reseaming, and putting in new transitions in commercial and residential.