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SESSIONS Online Magazine

The following questions will makeup part of it not all of your bio. If you have been asked to provide a bio then your work is being highlighted in a gallery that is above the general contributors gallery. Answer with as much detail as possible. More is alwasy better.

Name/Artist Name:________________________ Country:____________________
1. Age old question. What got you into photography/art? How old were you?

2. What motivates the type of work you do? What do you see as the fuel that helps to create the images you do?

3. To day there is a fine line between Photographer, Photographic Artist and Artist. Which do you see that you are? Or, do you see that there is even a difference in the three?
4. This question has many levels to it. In the last few years online images, be it, Instagram for one, has seen a build up of images created using smart phones verses actual cameras. SESSIONS sees this as an advancement in an additional tool to create art. We see it as art. More traditional photographers and artist see this as an end to their art and careers. This question isn't to judge as it is to explore why. So if you love the tool you use to create the work you do, then state it openly. DSLR or iPhone/Android? If you use a phone then the question would be why? Is intentional, or due to cost? Do you feel images are created by the tool you use or how you use it? If you use a phone then have you considered buying a phone or do you feel the work you do would be too far different if you changed to using an actual camera? The paragraph above, how do you feel about this? What is your views?

5. To create the work you do, what application do you use to edit with? What apps or programs?

6. Subject matter? What do you prefer to shoot?

7. In the next 10 years what direction would you like to see your work go? Given the time, the money and opportunity, where do you want to see your work evolve to?

8. Two ways of thinking,......there are photographers who see what they do as a way of capturing beauty or a moment in time. While a flip side see it as a way to capture a world outside the one the exist in, be it cold, or warm and inviting. Which do you see that you are?
9. What artist do you follow? If you open your phone what artist to do look in on to see recent work they have done, or to whom you refer to when you wish to motivate and create? Everyone has that one to two or more artist that they look to. Who is this for you?

10. We can call this a SESSIONS artist poll. Many artist choose a time that they are most apt to create the work they do. For example, my favorite time to create the images I do is late at night, actually 12 am to maybe 4 am. I've also been known to create late in the afternoon. What time do you feel creative and clear of mind to work? And why? Additional info about you? Give us more if you want to.

In the process of putting together this magazine, we found that the common problem we have is that artist have an extremely difficult time in writing up a biography. I understand this. My own bio these days can at times sound sarcastic and rightfully so. I've written so many that I now am sick of it. So the sarcasm flows. Or I have fun with it and come up with odd tid bits to add in, just to give myself a chuckle, which usually leaves the reader confused or concerned.
This time around though, it seemed like all the contributors were having issues with it, least wise the new artist. So, we crafted 10 questions. They were simple, yet based around topics that tend to follow an artist or photographer around. We went into choosing just a handful to give it to. It worked great and it made the process very easy to construct a persons portfolio.
 The interesting thing that happened is we had some really unique answers. I found quite a few had many things in common. We all had that dramatic moment when we found our want to create. Most of us work late hours into the night or early morning. We all agreed, "our" time to create is best spent when everyone else is asleep. I, myself, find I work better when the house is settled, quiet, all to myself. I will put my headphones on, crank up music and begin to create. It seems most of the artist who did the Bio agreed with this work period.
The second surprising tid bit is that a few photographers don't find smartphone photography anywhere connected to what they do. I will have to admit that I felt a vibe of resentment towards their being compared to those who use them. To them it's an amateurs phase, they are not to the level of being a photographer like they are. While the artist tend to be open to using any tool they can to create the work they do. They see no difference between an photographer or an artist.
Third, our subject matter all seemed to be based around human subjects. None that we polled, did any kind of landscape work, or in a whole they did not see that are their main concentration. This wasn't so much surprising, but it was a common thread.
Then we also had those that used photography and creating as a way of healing, speaking, dulling some kind of traumatic experience in their life. This wasn't surprising to me. I went blind for 6 years and couldn't work. To me, it was ending a way I have of "talking" and expressing myself. Not being able to do it was like being mutted with hands tied down.
 I'm not sure I will always use this form of acquiring a bio from an artist, but this time around it proved interesting.