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1. How many years modeling? I started 22
years ago.

2. What type of modeling do you like to do?
Your preference

I like doing promo shoots. Helping others
while building my portfolio is the most rewarding.

3. Who got you into modeling? My

4. What are some of you favorite images you
done? I love being a bloody mess. Images that depicts gore have always been a

5. Do you research the type of modeling you
want to do? Sometimes I will look up more of a photographers work if I like
something I saw them do but other than that not really.

6. Do you feel there is an age that a model
should retire? What age? Not at all! Age is wisdom and wisdom is


7. Your feeling on posing nude? Bring it on!
Wish insecurities didn't exist for anyone including myself.

8. Outside the area you live in, what
photographers do you enjoy following? I think the photographers that shoot for
Suicide Girls and Playboy are superior.

9. In your mind does the Social Network help
your modeling or do you feel it eventually type cast some as Social Network
models and nothing more? I think it can help, I wouldn't say it always

10. The "New" type of model is the, Selfie
Model, where their entire portfolio is made up of selfies, they work w no
photogs. Your feeling on this.....

I guess it could work but that's so different
from what I consider modeling that I'm kinda undecided on the matter.

11. Is modeling something you do as fun or
would you like a career in it? It's for fun but wouldn't mind upping my game and
doing more with it.

12. Your interest outside of modeling?
Underground music is my passion. I've always loved music as it is a beautiful
art form but I prefer the lack of restrictions in the underground music scene
over mainstream.

13. Model Agency verses Freelance

Freelance 100%

14. Many models make the jump from modeling
to photog. Do you feel this gives you an advantage? Sure. Better to have been
there done that.

15. Number one site you use to display your
work? Facebook so far. Hope that changes.

16. Does it bother you that some Social
Network Models are plagued with stalkers?

Yea. It's annoying at best. I've dealt with
it personally but one doesn't need to be a social network model to get stalked.
It happens regardless.

17. How do you deal with stalkers? Blocking.
If that doesn't work then the police need to get invo

18. Your feeling on being paid for your
modeling? Always great. Not always expected.

19. A certain sect of photographers stand by
their not paying models, that trading for images is payment enough, your
feelings on this? Depends on a lot of factors. What its worth to the individuals
involved is what matters. I've been paid for my work as well as images as
payment. I will continue to do both.

20. Your feelings in general on modeling?
Example- many models over the years have expressed that the very act of modeling
gave them something more emotionally. Be it sexual, self esteem or a liberating

Modeling for me helps greatly with self
esteem and just being more comfortable in my own skin.