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In creating this magazine I promised myself that I would do it my way from the get go. It would be my creatioon and entail all that I held true to how I saw an art based magazine should be. That would include putting work in that might not appeal to everyone. I didn't care what others thought about it, didn't care to make sure and please everyone, that wasn't important. What WAS important was to post images that I felt were based on art, a concept, fantasy, fetish, nude, emotion, style, etc.. In 7 issues I have held to this belief. It's my publication, I love art of many types and I will not be told what I will publish and not publish. It's not going to happen. Yet I've found there is a growing element that is head strong in telling what should and what should not be published. What is aceptable and not acceptable. So now the state of this world, not just my own country, is worming it's way into art. While I promised myself I would never allow politics or religion of any kind to be a factor in this magazine. I am now hearing that groups, individuals, are telling us what can and cannot be shot, what is and is not acceptable. Erase history, erase fact. If they don't agree with what a magazine or book displays then they either set out to burn it or get rid of the publication all together. It's now a world of you a can be free, but only if you agree with what we do, the groups we support and our rules of government. If you don't agree then you will be judged, publicly scorned and forced to fall into place. This isn't freedom. It's not life, and it's not living.
Last week a photographer to whom I deeply respect found that her work was being scrutinized because of content. Her work was scorned, judged, and eventually pulled down by this groups demand. Two days later, a photographer who shares his work on SESSIONS was attacked for an image he did with a model in a Nazi uniform. He isn't the first to display this type of image. Have any of you heard of Robert Alvarado? He has a montage of models dressed in Nazis costumes. He is famous for his pin up imagery. Google this type of image and you will see a multitude, by other artist. Yet in the end, the swastika was covered and blurred. An artist bowed to pressure and gave in. Where will all this stop? So the view point of others now dictates what is art and what is not? Ignorance over knowledge? Again, this isn't freedom. I became an artist because it allows me to express myself, not create what others feel is appropriate. Has our world crumbled this far? I asked that the image be contributed to SESSIONS for display in the Illusion Gallery. Have an issue, then the best answer I have for you is to not view the publication, ever. I will publish work that I feel is art. I will allow artist to speak. There is no defining governing over work that is displayed on SESSIONS. This artist is talented. His work more then speaks for it self. The messed up and demented world that is out there will not force of bend what is shown on the magazine. if you are an artist and take issue with work I publish on SESSIONS then the answer is simple, don't contribute work. I was born free. I follow laws, I follow my heart and my beliefs. Art is an expression of your voice, words you cannot speak, yet can display. No one willing to have their work published here will never be silenced. Tearing away history doesn't make it so it didn't happen, in the end, just the opposite, it makes it that it is now front and center again and going no where. The wound is now back open. The art that is displayed on SESSIONS will stay on SESSIONS.

K R Tracy