It's very simple to contact SESSIONS Online Magazine. Simply email the Photographer/Editor.....Kerry Ray Tracy.

I'm looking for models to be in future SESSIONS, as well as fellow photographers to spotlight. 

Models: If you are interested in being part of SESSIONS then simply send me an email with a few pictures you might have of yourself as well as general info

Photographers: Send 10 to 15 images, copyright tagged and include a short bio about yourself as well as links to your work.

Advertising: I am now offering advertising on SESSIONS. The downside to this is that it will cost. The upside is, I am offering a variety of packages as well as possibilities for you to be seen. Plus, there is no set criteria. If you are a band and want exposure. We can either simply post an ad for your group with a link to your band site, or I can shoot a full out set of your band with links, info, images, etc.. This goes for any kind of advertising. Have product you want seen, contact me. Have a business you want pimped out? Contact me. I'm calling out to everyone. SESSIONS Online Mag, wants to expand and grow. Contact for info, I'm designing package deals daily and or a package can be designed for you, tailored made. Currently the cost is extremely affordable to get my foot in the door. But not for long!!