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When I first began as a photographer some of my favorite artist were, Robert Farber, Debenport, The Weston Family and Helmut Newton. When Daniel Love submitted his work to me, this is what his work reminded me of. Each image in itself, personal or impersonal reflects light to give it mystery yet it also tells a story. Everyone who knows me knows that even though I love creating images, I'm also a fan of other artist work. Danniel Love is a master at his craft. And the best part is, the man is humble. A humble artist to me is the most sincere abut the work they do. It's not fame and fortune, nor the prusuit of meeting models. It's the craft and the ability to create and in speaking with Daniel, I can honestly say this is what he is all about.

"The female human form holds my fascination. I am intrigued by the beauty of that form that is at once unique to the individual while also archetypal to humanity"

Originally, I usually like to post an artist thoughts and or their bio. But in reading on Daniel's website, his ABOUT page, I found that it would be a better idea if I simply provided a link to his site. It's a must read. I love to hear an artist feelings on their work and on their choice of subject. Daniel puts it quite well. I'm extremely glad I made him oart of my first issue of SESSIONS Online.