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Editor: When I ask Daniel to contribute to SESSIONS, he isn't your average photographer who submits maybe a dozen or so images, no, instead he sends us, a few dozen. Which leads to people sitting around the computer arguing over which ones should makeup a showing of 12 images. Just 12. We came up with a lot more then that. This was a difficult decision. In the end I tried to divert away from images he has already shown. His use of paint, mud, dirt, all kinds of items to cover the models in is fascinating. But I admire his series and enjoy seeing it's progress. Daniel isn't new to SESSIONS, he's appeared in a few issues, and since he first appeared he's grown as has his work. I hope to see more of his work in this magazine as well as other magazines, and galleries. He's a true friend of this magazine.
 K R Tracy

Model: Amber Wolf

Model: Layla Ives

Model: Jessica Copeland