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When I first saw Dan Carrolls work it reminded me of the photography that graced the pages of Life Magazine. This would be showing my age, but if you had the pleasure of ever seeing the magazine then you would find that it was a mixture of documentary journalism mixed with portraiture. The images were raw yet personal. Dan's is this style 100%. I love how his work captured the moment. He froze a moment in time perfectly, searching out the best time to press the shutter. I will have to admit that in viewing all his work there was a want to step back in time, grab up a roll of b&w film and shoot like I used to, before everything became so impersonal and digitalized. Dan's work is a lost art and no matter how anyone can try and say it isn't lost, they would be wrong. Carroll's work touches on a time lost and gone, but due to him not forgotten. I encourage you to read his bio fully. This guy did some living. If you are a photographer, touched film, or spent time in a darkroom, it was a ping at your heart. This is an Artist Gallery worth viewing. I give you, Dan Carroll.