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So this is the end and I'm all in tears. Blowing through boxes of tissues. A very sad ending to a magazine that came from the heart. Now it's time to walk off into the sunset, not knowing how my life will work out. Fade to black........

Actually this isn't true at all. There is no real demise. The magazine is still alive and well. It's just evolving. Much like a moth, it's been put into drydock, and rebuilt, taking on a new look, and notched it's way up a level to being an actual magazine. SESSIONS will become, PHOTOSESSIONMAG. A better and more to the way I originally saw the publication or wanted to see it. We've partnered with new investors and with that have set upon making changes that will improve the magazine.

First off the online magazine will be streamlined. Simple is always better. Sadly there will be less content on the surface, but more potential to be a real publication. Second, the main focus will be on the print copy. Yes! The magazine will now be available in a print copy. In fact this is where you will see a twist. Not everything that is in the online issue will be in the print issue and vice versa. So if you want to get the full effect, readers will need to see both copies. See one for free and the other you purchase. While that might seem an awful thing to do, I would have to counter that many magazines do this these days. I'm just being up front and honest about it. We all have to make a living and I think the print version of PHOTOSESSIONMAG  is worth buying and reading. Blurb will being doing the honors in printing our magazine and I've held their product in my hands if  you're a photographer you're going to want this out there and in the hands of fans. It's that great a print.

I would like to thank everyone that was part of the original magazine. Many models and photographers helped in it's evolution into something more. I never could have done it without all you at my side. Now as we turn to begin a new version of the magazine I hope you will all be with me for the continued journey. Of course you will find my bad grammar and babbling on the new publication. Can't do it without my giving my two cents worth!

That's it!! Just want to say, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in the pages of the new issue!

Kerry Ray Tracy,....Editor, Artist, and Photographer