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Friends, first off let me say my apologies for SESSIONS Online Magazine being late in it's Issue 10 release. The reason for this was strictly due to my health. Nothing severe. In my right ear, both actually, but much worse in my right ear, I had Tinnitus. While this might seem mild to some, in my case I lost my heairng fully. Plus the ringing was extremely loud. Enough that it was like I was hit in the head with a shovel. This eventually made it so sitting and looking at a computer screen was uncomfortable. Creating and editing this magazine requires a long amount of time in front of the computer. Plus, I didn't feel like gathering content like I usually do. Yes! I do have help, but they are just starting out and don't know the process I go about in collecting work. So at one point we came to a complete hault. No progress. My apologies! Please let me rid the rumor that this magazine is hurting in anyway. I have gotten emails and messages asking when it will be released, as well as can track the magazines, daily page hits, fans are wishing to see the newest issue. For that I am thankful and very flattered. We are trying hard and have new ideas in mind for the future of SESSIONS.

Interesting point,.....SESSIONS rakes in more hits outside of the state I live in. Nationally it is very popular and racks up hits daily. Internationally it gets it's best hits. The Canada, the UK, and Europe in general, comes by daily to look in on the magazine. A few are return visitors. That says a lot. Means we are doing some good with this little publication.

Additionally I have been working on a new photo series. So my free time has been spent getting the details ironed out with it's beginning. Working with lighting in my small studio has been a challenge. I want it to be right. This required fabricating and rigging my own type of lighting. So my time in the office was cut short, mix that with fighting with my ear issue, and you have a January and February that was stressful. This part of my world is supposed to be stress free. It's once again stress free I am happy to say. So we go forward. This issue of SESSIONS, by the way will further experiment with the horizontal format. Let me know what you think.

K R Tracy