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If you know me at all, and have been a loyal viewer of SESSIONS, then you are aware I am as I state, a 'Photo Whore". I not only enjoy creating my own photographic artwork, I enjoy viewing the work of others. And if, like me, you stalk other photographers work then I am sure you have designed in your head who are among you favorites to view. I first saw Daniel Loves work when I viewed shots he took of another SESSIONS model, Tessia Bowen. Loved it!! Love how he shot her, how he captured her. Brought out a part of Tessia that I hadn't seen other photographers do. So when it came time to create SESSIONS Online Magazine, I made a list of photographers I wanted to include. Daniel was at the top of the list. In my mind he is one of the best fine art model photographers in Kansas City. In that he takes a model, and instead of so much putting them front and center into an image, he instead wraps the full content of the image around the model. Thus it doesn't become JUST the model. it becomes a scene, a story board. It's not just her, not just the landscape around her, it's merged into one. Now a days you see more of the model then what is around her. It's almost over done anymore. Daniel's work steps away from this. Which is breath of fresh air for those who are tired of the same old model shots. He brings back a sense of art. I must compliment his choice of models as well. He has beautiful taste. I want to thank Daniel for dong a special shoot for this feature of SESSIONS!! Much appreciated Mr. Love!

Every Photographer should have a Muse. That model they know they can turn to when they need a particular shot or work they want to create. Miss George is becoming Mr. Loves go to girl. I've seen a handful of images he has done of her and they work very well together. He knows how to capture her beauty and she seems to know what he needs in every shot. When Daniel sent me there set together for SESSIONS, a big smile went across my face. And all I had to say out loud was perfect!! This girl needs to model more!! She's a natural! You did a great job Ashley! Thank you!
Model Statement,
"I wake up every day knowing that I am misunderstood as a being, some days it gets me down, but other days I know the depths of me run deeper than the ocean, and not everyone can scuba dive."