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"My name is Felicity and I’m a native Floridian. I started taking photos about a year and a half ago with my iPhone and then discovered all the amazing editing apps. I fell in love with doing dark edits after seeing dark photography on instagram. Now I use a Canon Powershot but I still edit everything with my phone apps."

Editor: I have told this story more then a few times. But I think this is where it belongs. Back many years ago, I was in an antique store walking around and pretty much seeing all my childhood all over the place, when I happened to go by a booth that had a collection of images laying about. I started going through them and realized that someone had used a pinhole camera, but not just to shoot plain everyday images, they created art from them. Distorted the image, blurred, darkened processing, light exposed, etc..Then it hit me that not only had the person shot a series of shots, the model in the images seemed to be someone he was in love with. All based around what it looked to be the 1930's. The woman was beautiful and while he wanted us to see the images of her, he also wanted to hide her behind the distortion and manipulation her gave the photo. The sad part was that it all ended up on a table in an antique store. As soon as I seen the images that Felicity created, this is the story it reminded me of. They almost look the same. A step back into time, with an added sensuality and beauty added to them. Very beautiful imagery.
K R Tracy