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Francesca's work reminds me of the childrens movie, Coraline. Her art is very much like the imagery depicted in the off kilter world that Coraline crawls through to from her bedroom. I love this kind of art and when I first saw it on Instagram, it immediately reminded me of it. This is tuff of nightmares. Again I find it interesting that all this is done on a phone. Fantastic work. You can see more of it in, The Halloween Project Gallery.

Francesca, francyfree, ITALY 47

Generally I make my edits when I’m sad/angry or when I see a beautiful raw image that inspires me

Don’t feel I am a photographer (I am a beginner) or artist or photographic artist

I do only for passion and I am learning...

I use phone to make edits with some apps

And I use a camera / phone to make photos

I usually use PicsArt Snapseed Icolorama formulas Mextures TinType all phone applications and also sometime Raw images from Pixabay.

Cemetery statues and also abandoned places sometime sunset or sunrise or macro

I would be better and could use also pc programs like photoshop... I’m organizing yes I would be famous but it is a dream ...

I shoot what I see in that moment could be a beautiful moment or not .. only the sensation I feel in that moment and it is I think a mixture or the two things ...

9. ok good question again... complicated! I follow a lot of artists who make different works ... So it is difficult to say one artist maybe @werlen__f for edit ... but I have a favorite photographer for cemetery or abandoned places (urbex) ... ahahaha

10. ok another good question... I can be more active in the night.. but it depends from the moment I could do an edit in 2 munutes also in the morning if I have the inspiration... the sensation for me is important...