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In this day and age, when we are trying to learn something new we simply google a how-to or search for a DIY. When trying to learn a new skill its hard to find something or someone that will explain how we can do it as simple and cost effective as possible. When I was 14 I started dipping into special effects make up. Which means I wanted to slit my throat, pop an eyeball out and make blood spew everywhere. So I went to the kitchen and grabbed whatever I could find. A few try's later, I had slit my throat with peanut butter and had red food coloring mixed into corn syrup blood running down the open wound. While many would laugh at the way I did it, I had successfully freaked out my family making it look as real as I could with my kitchen items.

By the time I was 18, I had a new found skill and an unorthodox way of accomplishing it. This is what I wanted my career to be but I need more guidance. I needed to find someone that did what I was trying and winning at a big way.
Searching YouTube I stumbled across a corky YouTuber that DIY incredible special effects makeups. She showcased her skills by building cotton and latex creatures, making monsters out of simple items from Walgreens, and proved that self taught makeup artist could fabricate movie worthy makeup. After a few hours of watching tutorials I was inspired. My love for Mykie was born and my special effects skills were about to grow.

Mykie is the personality and faces of YouTube channel Glam&Gore. She features foundational teaching, product review, industry advice, and a mix of special effects and avant-garde makeup tutorials on her channel. While always throwing in her humor and comedy to each vlog. Glam&Gore was born April of 2014, now four years later has reached 3 million subscribers as of September of this year. In her first year of YouTube, she threw her hat into the ring to win the NYX FACE Awards for beauty vlogger of the year. After making it down to the last 6, Mykie lived up to her Glam&Gore name with a video that featured the artist portraying a glamorous Marilyn Monroe clone and a hideous demon creature. Proving that you can be grace, beauty, and also a weird creep...and that's ok! She inspires to embrace whatever you are and run with it. That inspiration is what won Mykie the 2015 NYX FACE Awards.
After her win Mykie kept up the pace as she continue to create more odd and gruesome makeups, while also adding in some glam and advice for the newbies trying to start their own career. She never makes a look to hard or complicated, its always something that anyone can recreate. This is what I appreciate about the channel. Her simple tutorial on how to do bruising has been one of my most helpful skills to learn, it has evolved so many looks I have created. Mykie took her cotton and latex one extra step and made a Jigsaw mask, along with a small series of Saw inspired videos. This got her noticed by many fellow YouTubers but also caught the attention of Saw movie studio and the blood drive they put together for the release of Jigsaw in 2017. Her love for Saw and gore makeup paid off as Glam&Gore
became a blue hair vintage nurse in the posters promoting Jigsaw Blood Drive.

I think I could write about 4 more pages on why I love Mykie and how she has inspired my special effects career so much. But to sum it all up. Glam&Gore is out of the box, she isn't a brand just trying to promote a sponsor or show how expensive set makeup can be used. She shows that anyone can create movie makeups or special effects makeup, and you don't need anything but some latex and a trip to a dollar store. So even if you aren't into special effects makeup but you want a good laugh, watch one Glam&Gore video and I'm sure you will be in love with the corky beauty that has a slight issue with over playing George Michaels Careless Whisper.