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My name is Laura Elizabeth and I'm a creative artist from Guadalajara, Mexico. I now live in Los Angeles, California and I try and create something new everyday.
I've had a passion for all types of art my whole life and depending on my mood, my art chnages a lot making me feel like a bit of a chameleon. I'm sure, fellow artists know this feeling well. It can be photography one day and painting the next. Growing up, I've tried many kinds of expression from Murals, Canvas art and Photography but more recently I've become interested in Photo Edits and I love this amazing world of creativity. To be able to transform a picture to a whole different level with the help of some amazing apps is just wonderful and exciting for me. The apps I use at the moment are "pinter6", "Pixart" and Photolab", but I'm always looking for more innovative apps to help me more.
I generally use my own photo's but have recently teamed up with Fotos4fun( SESSIONS contributor, Al Pearce/@fotos4fun on IG) and created some interesting pieces. I take inspiration from the many super talented artists that I follow on social media and one is especially inspirational. Kieronknight40_fx is not only a close friend but also a wonderful mentor who helps and encourages me to get better every day. When I put my brain to work, I have the ability to create something just by looking at a picture and it really helps in many aspects of my life. Art helps take me away from my problems. When I paint or do any type of art, I feel free of problems and the time just flies by. Art is more then just my passion. It's my life and like I always say in my caption ( my face, my art.....etc)

Editors Note: I found Gueraley's work through Al Pearce. I was taken back by her skills as an artist. What she creates daily is not a simple thing to create. It's a skill. I knew the minute I looked through her images that she was perfect for SESSIONS. As I always say, Enjoy!