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I'm Elizabeth from Guadalajara Mexico.
Everything and everyone around me give me motivation to create my art
Life it self is my fuel to create another reality in my brain
Actually for me the photographer's are very important. for me and my work a good photo give me the inspiration I need to create my work
Phones will never replace the quality of a camara but some people are just so good with both .
To create my work I use pixart, pixabay, photo lab, pixlr.
I prefer to shoot people ,places
I want to inspire others I don't care about the money I want people to
Know that we all have talent and we can help others with the beauty of art I want to see my work where everyone can pass by and smile
Photos for me are the way 2 express to remember to live that moment again.
I follow several one of the most beautiful one I get inspired is my dear sister @lelipaigephothoart and my good friend. @fotos4fun4u.
Both excellents photographer's and super artistic and talented person's
I don't have a specific time to create most of the time I create in the moment that something gets my attention that's how my brain work the best .