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Ask those who know me and they will tell you I see shit. Don't ask me why but since very young I see things I don't wanna see. Believe me or doubt me, I'm fine with that. I ignore the things that make no sense and with others I have to admit I sit back and say, what the hell. Mkaes for great creepy late night talk. It's nothing I shy away from, if you ask me I'll say what I have seen or experienced. Is any of it scary? No! More concerning then creepy. Here is my deal. I will relate my top experiences and you send me a message or email and tell me your story.

1. OUIJA BOARD: This happened in 2004. I started seeing this woman and she saw that I had built a few Ouija Boards. She asked if I had ever used any of them? I told her I had used one before, but never one I had created. They were strictly art to me, I sold them for others to use. She pressed me to try it with her. Now the board I built, the first one I created was, Pandora. She is big board, has my artwork work on it along with sculptures I created. I figured what the hell, let's try it. The result was only slight movement. But nothing said. The board requires both to believe in it and she believed none of it, it was amusement to her. So we blew it off and went about our night. When I went to bed later that night, and for 3 to 4 nights in a row after our playing with the board, I had dead children coming to me in my dreams asking if I would speak to their parents for them. Very real dreams and very distressed children. I still have the dreams on occassion but nothing like I used to. As for Pandora, she is on my wall of my livingroom. She's part of the family. The girlfriend I got rid of,

2. Women Crossing the Street: In 2007 I was on my way to work in the very ealry morning hours of 5ish. The street, if you live in the US and in Kansas, it is Renner Road, located in Lenexa. There was a slight fog, with a morning dew thick enough that my wipers were on. It was just me and another car, he was just abit back from me. Renner is or was an old country road. Building is just beginning around it. As I said, we are both clipping along, I would say about 50 or 55, when across the street a woman in a light yellow to tannish raincoat, just walks right out in front of us. Well actually she sorta did. Her hood was there, her shoulders, an arm, maybe a hint of two, but the bottom half,....not so much. And it was not so much a walk as it was a quick float. We both slammed on our brakes and slid, screeching could be heard, smell of hot tire, etc...I drove a jeep and they kind lumber if you hit the brakes hard. All she did was look over around her hood, no real full face, just a shadow, a hint of a head. She got to the other side and as we both looked over to our right to see if she was ok, she walked up the hill and just disappeared. We both left in a hurry. I will be honest I wasn't thinking and just drove down to the stop light at the K-10 Bridge. The guy rolled down his window as did I, he said, did we see we what I think we just did? I said yeah I think we did. He said fuck work he was going to go back and look. I was good. Went on my way to work. But for years always looked for her when I drove Renner.

Teenage Ghost: In 2010, I married my second wife, huge mistake on my part. But we all make them. We moved into a home she rented and who I always knew of being a college kid party house. I've lived in my home town since birth. The house, a duplex actually was an odd house. The way it was built was beyond strange. From the get go my daughter and I would see and hear odd things. In my computer room I either felt like I was being watched, or I would be touched. Light wispy touches or abrupt shaking of a leg or arm if I fell asleep. The worst room was the bedroom I shared with my wife. We had lived there for about a month when in the middle of the night I was woke up from a deep sleep. I opened my eyes and at the end of the bed stood a young guy, in a jacket, blonde hair, jeans, hands on hips, grinning. Out of being startled I screamed. Yeah I screamed. My wife shot awake and when she did the guy just faded away. She of course thought I was insane. Weeks later I woke up to being choked, hand around my throat. I would also enjoy sleeping in when off work and at some point my leg would be rubbed, yet no one was in the room with me. This was also the same room and bed that I would wake up to my wife sounding like she was having an orgasm. This went on for a year and half. The marriage broke apart and we moved out. Never was more glad to leave a place.

Ridgeview School: After I went blind, and during the period I couldn't shoot, I switched to painting murals. In 2004/5 I was asked to paint a mural at the school I went to as a kid. This was beyond cool and I loved the opportunity. This took place over the course of a summer and into the fall. My daughter was about 9 at the time and spent her summer watching me paint and helping when she could. To get the main mural done, we would work late into the night. Usually about 10pm. So when I did work this late, I would play a boombox with music I liked. Either would wear a headset or would just let it play. Well one night as a painted, I stopped and heard kids playing. This was loud enough to be heard over my headset. Pulling them off I looked at my daughter and asked if she heard what I did/ Yep, kids playing. We could hear them at the end of the hall. A door that led to the new area of the building. But when I was a kid in the early 70's was a playground. We both got really quiet and just listened. It was little kids with hard soled shoes. Old 50's or 60's type. We heard them chattering, tlaking laughing and eventually sounds of hitting the door. I thought we were alone in the building and as far as I knew for the summer I was the only one who had a key to the building. So I walked to the doors, looked through the little window and saw nothing. The hallway beyond the door was silent. This went on for days and weeks. Eventually we found that the activity centered around that one end of the building being most active in what is called the POD building. Oldest part of the school, save where my mural was. Eventually my murals expanded to this building. We would find lights turned on when we turned them on. Doors would slam. Sounds like items were thrown. And again kids chattering. We were never scared. The only thing I ever heard happening at the school when I was a kid was a first grade child fall from a balcony area and died. But that was just one child and we always heard many. The school has since been renovated with the old building being torn away. I actually enjoyed this experience.

Send me your personal experiences everyone!! I would love to hear a few. And if you wanna try something creepy. Take an old rotary phone, make sure it is disconnected and place it by a TV, old box type if you have it. Give it awhile, maybe change the stations on the TV. Eventually, will ring. And if you pick it up, a weird mix of sounds will happen. Might sound like voices and or odd sounds. Happened to me. Actually I'm told this is a result of the phone picking up a frequency in the old tv, but then ya never know.

Good Haunts everyone!!