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As I write this, there is only two days before I release the year end issue of SESSIONS Online Magazine. Why wait so long to finish this tribute? Because as I have kept saying over and over, I've never lost a model. The image to the left is not Victoria. It's my creation of her and around her. I captured her in a moment of time, and for the first time in my career as a photographer, the model I shot, is sealed in time. I found it hard to deal with, even harder to put it into words. Victoria died way too young. My memory swims with small little details the day we first shot together. Sadly it would be the only time we ever worked together. She was sweet, shy, petite, and excited as hell to model. I remember a bathroom full of lingerie, a counter covered in makeup and everything possible to do her hair. I spent 3 hours, laughing and having fun with her and her husband. In the end I came away with two SD cards full of images. A photographer usually has an idea if he has something when he shoots a model. I knew the minute we started shooting. Image after Image was better then the last. Her body was beautiful, smile contagious and her eyes drew you in. That's the clinical paragraph to my tribute to Victoria.
Now for the personal part. Her death is not about me. What is about me is that I have never created images of someone that has died. I look at all these pictures and it hurts to know that this beautiful woman is gone. There isn't a single word I can say that says it fully enough about how much my heart hurts that this beautiful woman is gone. About 8 months ago I created the composite image that is on this page. She saw it, she loved it, and it capped the entire set I shot of her. It made it all come together. I posted it on so many sites, with such a positive appreciation that an artist can find their reward in just that, and nothing more. We wanted to work together again, made plans for it, but never got to. A month later she passed away and to be honest I am still in shock. My heart goes out to her husband. He loved her deeply. My hope is that this is a fitting tribute to Victoria. She had a beautiful heart, she deserved more so much more. You'll be missed Victoria.