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Editor: I was never the type of photographer who would just carry a camera around and record life around me. Yet, I always envied those who did. My art is concept based, or put a model in an environment and shoot her around it. So when I see photographers who can walk along and make art from what they see, I am extremely jealous. I love to look at this type of photo's The first shot I saw of Ionnais's that I liked was the tents on the beach. This impressed me, then when I saw the rest I knew we had something here. A very talented artist. My job isn't easy. I have to look through all the work that is sent to me and make the decision of what is used and what is not. This was not an easy task. K R Tracy

My name is Ioannis Katsieris and I am Greek and I am 54 years old
the snapshot of the moment,before she is lost in time, is something that gives me the motivation to photograph.

everything is a matter of visual, you see in today's time you need to have specialization. is the era of specialization.

you have to have a sticker saying what you're doing, what you know how to do it. Well, I do not have a label, I do everything that's as pleasant as the time comes.

I have no problem what tool to use, camera or phone. depends on the result I want to get.

I usually use simple android apps. such as snapseed or pixlr.

I photo everything that give me this unique of the moment , unless I want a portrait

in the next 10 year I only wish to be a little better photographer

one does not interfere with the other, you can print the moment, beautiful or ugly. but at the same time it can be the external (distancing) or the inner eyes.

I do not have a particular artist, I like the photo of the street full of realism American or French, and the studio, I like the Hungarian school, the shadows and shapes.

I do not have time that makes me creative, it depends, there are pictures that came out like wind, and photos that take a lot of time.

I am an amateur photographer who likes to observe and likes reading and music.

Thank you for your time and your wonderful artist magazine.