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Welcome to the second Halloween Takeover of SESSIONS Onlines Magazine. I originated the first takeover last year and it received such a good response that I decided it was foolish not to do this for another year. This issue of The Halloween Project Takeover is even bigger then the first. We have at least 12 artist, as well as my own work. Couple this with extra entertaining links and two SESSIONS models and you have yourself a rather large issue. What else has changed? The Format. Other then this page and a few others, issue 8 is set up for a left to right read. Meaning the pages flows as if you are actually reading a magazine. It's all horizontal. So turn those cell phones to the side and swipe. Additionally a few galleries contain an old fashioned premise by website designs. If you click on thumbnails it enlarges to it's own page. An old concept, but still works great. As an editor and as a photographer, The Halloween Project Takeover is one of my favorite issues to produce. From all of us at SESSIONS, Please enjoy!!

This is one of the longest running photo series that I have ever created per my career. It just keeps getting better. This years goal was 37 shoot ideas. I will be honest and say I did not make that goal. I hit a little over 20 concept ideas. But what was completed rocks. Proud to say I created all of them. This was a team effort, what I like to call the Image factory. We had the special effects as well as the custom props. It was fun, a challenge and fustrating, all in one.

Last years issue only had two artist who contributed work. None of this was Halloween oriented. Now a year later we have at least 10 to 12 artist. It was a blast to work with all of them. I found that everyone has their own views point and styles at approaching photography. All I can say is that I am surrounded by great talent. It was a pleasure to work with all of you. Your ideas blew me away. It was interesting to see the level that all of you struggled with in completing this themed concept. The premise of Halloween is not as easy as some would think. takes a creative mind. This years gallery is full of creative work. I thank you all who contributed and shared.

In the last few months and over at least 3 issues now, AL Pearce and I have become very good friends. It's nice to say I have a talented friend from the UK. I first noticed his work on Instagram where both of us show the majority of our work. I look for artist whose work is unique and outside the norm. Al's work jumped out at me. Between his concept ideas to his editing, he gets your attention. Additionally his morning is my late night editing time, so we have our time to chat. Most enjoyable.
Al took the challenge of the Halloween concept and ran with it, even putting together a few photo shoots for the issue. He didn't disappoint!! I think you will enjoy his work as I have. He's earned being part of SESSIONS collective of Artist Profiles.

So about 7 or 8 years ago, I'm sitting at Applebees, having a nice Friday evening dinner with my then girlfriend, when a picture is sent to my phone. It includes a simple text, is this something to be concerned about? The pic? My daughters throat has been cut from ear to ear with blood running from it. I panic, my date panics, yet I take a second and realize it's just another special effect my kid as rigged together. In this case she used household items to create skin, cut tissue and the gory blood running down her chest. She went full out from there. 90% of the special effects she uses, she created using her own ideas and tricks picked up along the way. Liquid latex in her hands can be dangerous. Years later as dinner is being prepared, she walks around with latex on her legs, preparing for another concept idea. This is her gallery devoted to this years special effects for the Halloween Project, as well as part of The Image Factory.

Ever since creating this gallery, it's popularity has grown. We track the page views and by far this is gets the most hits. I think it has the advantage of showing photographers raw skills. This would be outside any themed concept. It's the work they produce that they want known for. As I have always promised, send me what you feel best depicts the work you do and I will showcase it in this gallery. While we might be lite on artist due to the Halloween Contributors gallery, the Illusion is still there and has talented work to display.

I've alwasy found that most of the artist I know usually have more then one creative medium stored deep down in them. A few artist I know can also sing, wile others like myself can paint. Daniel Love's plus one would be that he also writes. So well in fact that he is throwing together the idea of producing a book to go a long with photographic work. A great idea, given that if you read through some of the work that we did, his poetry is extremely good. Figuring out which of the more then 10 samples sent to me to use in this ad for his Kickstarter, was a difficult task. Give a look and follow the link to his Kickstarter, support a fellow artist if you can. His talent can't go unnoticed.


Take sometime away from your EGO and be part of the artist who contribute to this magazine. None of them do it for financial gain. This is a chance to share your work with fellow artist and have it seen by the public. Share what you created, be part of SESSIONS Online Magazine.

So here is the deal. I have the year end issue, then I take a break until February. The cover of the issue, your work, not mine, is up for grabs. You submit your work, a cover image you feel embodies the year end issue topic. The winning image, gets a front cover of website, plus a Feature Gallery. One model, will also get credits and links to her or his model page. I am NOT the judge. I have chosen Artist, Kerry Thonen out of Lawrence,(his work has been displayed in SESSIONS) to judge the cover art contest. So please take the time to submit work to this contest.

The Editors own personal experiences with hauntings.

We took a poll of area youth that frequented the Haunted Houses on both sides of the line between Kansas and Missouri. We found that the top five Haunted Houses are as follows.
3rd Street Asylum
Edge of Hell

3RD Street Asylum ranked at the top. This is a new area for the Halloween issue. Next year we will have a group test out a few for a future story on local Haunted House attractions. Message me or email with your own choices for a great Haunted House!