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A full selection of past issues from the very first release to our last.

At times, as I put together this magazine, I run into a few photographers and artist whose back history closely mirrors my own. I loved the opportunity to get to know Dan Carroll, simply by going through his work. His bio only confirmed we have a lot in common. And all he had to do was mention Edward Weston. His work reminds me of the images you would have seen in Life Magazine. Impressive images.

This issue is special in that we are trying a few new ideas. It was fun to put together. As usual I hope that everyone enjoys the new look, be it maybe just for this issue, and the over all simple design. Very user friendly.

The page of a magazine that everyone usually skips over.
I get it, but at least give this one a chance. Update to how we have moved to a quarterly mag and as well as a few other new items to mention. It will take you maybe a minute to read, indulge me.

You know what they say, If you intend on having a party then you call up your best friends. We did just that. As with all of our previous issues, Issue 11 has invited a select group of friends to share an image or two. In fact that was the rule. Only 1 or 2 images submitted. While it's not a huge amount of artist for this issue. It was some pretty awesome work. I want to give a shout out to artist, Rissy Elisabeth and Kerry Thonen, for submitting there artwork as well. I love both of their work. Awesome you could join us.


I love this video. I can't say it enough to anyone who has ever asked me, "No one ever has it all figured out".
Even the top line pro's I know, (who haven't come down with the big head syndrome will also say), they
never fully have it figured out. In this art you either evolve and learn something new, admit you are not the
Jedi of all photographers or you grow stagnant and your work never change. To this day, I will cringe
when I view my older work. Which is why I go back and will re-edit something from my past work. I learn
something new daily and want to use it on older work. The video is spot on in many ways. I know a
handful who feel they are the best there is, and it's never true. Stay humble in this craft and always study
and find out how you can do something better.

Here is how the little arrows work. Hit them and they will take you to the next page. Simple way of browsing the magazine, page by page.

Originally this contest was planned for the end of last year, but due to conflicts was rescheduled for the July issue of 2018. I hope everyone throws in an image or two. This will be a lot of fun. No one is excluded. Amateur or Pro, please submit work. Have a look for Submission Guidelines.