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Have the time for a decent read? Then check out my Editors Forum. My point of view, what I like and don't like, what pisses me off and what I enjoy. This is me being pure honest. So, check it out.

Serynne Cyanides chainmaille work is SESSIONS first advertiser and she doesn't disappoint. Beautiful handcrafted work.

For the 5th issue of SESSIONS Online, I created a gallery where work of other photographers can be seen and enjoyed. These are artist to whom I have admired for quite some time, their work can be seen on Facebook as well as other sites. In inviting everyone to be part of the Illusion Gallery, it was fascinating to see the mix of work contributed. For the first gallery opening, we have 6 artist. Their work ranges in styles. I asked for 5 images from each, which turned out to be harder then I thought, given that only two images were to be selected for showing. I wish I could have displayed more. I'm sure with the Illusion Galleries success, we well see more of their work as well of the work of future contributors.


Not sure why the title came to me as it did, but once the head dresses were made, the shoot complete and editing done, the title seemed to fit the series. We had fun creating. Manda Cheek was great to work with and fit the head dresses we made for her perfectly. I've worked with her since she was 18, so we have great chemistry. The Head Dresses were made by Jessica Jinx and by myself. I plan on shooting 2 more models for this series. Ideas stemmed from a few European artist. I wanted to see what I could do with these ideas mixed with my style.

Dan Hurdle is a long time friend, and has wrote a couple of articles in past issues. He also writes professionally under a pen name. I've alwasy known that Dan and his wife were long time members of a swingers group. In fact they have been members practically their entire marriage which is over 20 years. I find this beyond interesting. To follow this type fo marital lifestyle yet remain a solid couples as they are, needs to be shared with the masses. So as a favor to me, and with no intent other then to entertain our readers, I asked Dan to share an article he wrote for another publication on their being swingers. As I said, it's entertainment. No one is advising that you follow his advice. Just enjoy the read and have fun with it..

HDR and the STIGMA behind it.

From time to time, I take a hit or two about how I use HDR, Filters, Tonal, Curves, Soft brushes, over filtering, over use of Photoshop, hot lights, etc.. The extent that various photographers will take pot shots at my work just boggles the mind. They don't care that I clearly state that it's my art. It's done intentionally. From pre shoot prep, to lighting choice and setup, models skin, shooting frames to the final edits, it's all planned and thought out.I'm not the only artist that uses this approach and by todays wide selection of phone apps, I would say it's more popular then most would like to think. So, without my uncovering too much of what I do and why, let's dig deeper into HDR.....High Dynamic Range Imaging. Oh, and I won't be nice .



I think the best part of SESSIONS Online Magazine, is that I get the chance to go looking for artist to be part of the Artist Profile. There is no financial gain in being on SESSIONS. The best it gets you is a lil more exposure. Allows you the chance to show your art, what you love, the business you pour your life into. I like to find photographers and artist who work hard at what they do because they love what they do. They love to create. So when I came along Erica Shelley and explored her work, I found someone who was honestly in love with the art of capturing an image. It's innocent and honest. Money isn't as important as just having fun with something she loves. I love the way she formats her images!! So please enjoy this issues Artist Profile of Photographer, Erica Shelley.

For cell phone viewers, please turn your phone horizontally for best viewing. We're trying something new here!



SESSIONS is always looking for Literary Contributions. Poems, Short Stories, etc......