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The three issues of SESSIONS Online Magazine have been a labor of love, fustration and a test of who is in your corner and who isn't. The following people are credited with helping me in the last year. I appreciate the hard work they have provided. I also would like to think the models who took the time to be part of this, as well as the talented artist. I made some very good friends in 2016 and all of them have helped with making SESSIONS Online, a popular magazine. Our readers are growing as well as our fan base. So my thanks to you all. Have a look at those who helped in 2016.

Serynne Cyanides chainmaille work is SESSIONS first advertiser and she doesn't disappoint. Beautiful handcrafted work.

Have the time for a decent read? Then check out my Editors Forum. My point of view, what I like and don't like, what pisses me off and what I enjoy. This is me being pure honest. So, check it out.

It took a total of ten models to complete the first three issues of SESSIONS Online Magazine. It wasn't planned that way, it just came about. I never planned to begin a magazine, but once it did come about I needed to find extra models to complete the year. I think the ten I chose to complete the first three issues were an excellent choice. The Year End Collective helps pull in all the issues and give a little more detail to each model and how their part in the series was planned out. This was a fun article to put together, along with a few new images.

This topic came to me recently and as always the thinking amuses me. Do I as a photographer or model, do this to make a living? To become famous? Because I simply wanna create and have fun? Should a model be paid? Should a photographer charge a model? The ethic's of trade outs. In the end, why do you do it? And if a lack of making a living, would make you want to stop? Let's break it all down, get serious and honest about it. So many run around this topic and I alwasy hear something new. So I'm going to devote an article to it.
I think too many forget I'm long winded and have a few things to say. Be amused and read what I babble about.