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Take sometime away from your EGO and be part of the artist who contribute to this magazine. None of them do it for financial gain. This is a chance to share your work with fellow artist and have it seen by the public. Share what you created, be part of SESSIONS Online Magazine.

The cover of the issue, your work, not mine, is up for grabs, April issue of 2018. You submit your work, a cover image you feel embodies the theme. The winning image, gets a front cover of website, plus a Feature Gallery. One model, will also get credits and links to her or his model page. I am NOT the judge. I have chosen Artist, Kerry Thonen out of Lawrence,(his work has been displayed in SESSIONS) to judge the cover art contest. So please take the time to submit work to this contest. The theme for April's issue will be posted in the February, SESSIONS.  

This last August 2017, we lost a very dear friend, Victoria Dee. I cannot convey how deeply this affected me. Victoria and I only were able to work with each other this one photo shoot, but this doesn't mean she didn't leave an imprint. She was extremely sweet, timid to this being her first try at modeling. I remember her taking all this slow, between her husband and I, who is also a close friend, we made her feel at ease. She quickly became comfortable and just blossomed before the camera. We laughed and had a lot of fun. We had worked very hard to find a time to finally shoot together. Neither of our schedules seemed to meet. Then a window opened up and this fantastic shoot took place. Sadly we never got the chance to work with each other again. A month before she died we texted back and forth about her modeling for me again. I threw some ideas to her and her husband. It never happened. While I know her sudden death rocked her husband and family, it also set me back. I have never lost someone I had shot, never had anyone I have created work around die. Took me awhile to open up her file. One of her images I created a composite around, just months before she died that took off and became popular on photo sites. I couldn't even look at it. It was that upsetting and still is. For Victoria, I pushed past this and opened her file, and created afew new images that will go along with this tribute. Our love goes out to her family, especially her husband. I can only imagine the hole losing her has put into his life. They were very close. This is my tribute to Victoria Dee.

So what happens when you ask everyone you know, photographer, artist and just the friend or two, to send you cell phone images they have on their phone? You get some of the most interesting images. It amuses me when I hear someone say, I can't take pictures. Yet they can create some of the most creative images using just an iphone or galaxy. The collection I have was fun to put together. Plus, maybe we have a few budding photographers in our mist. It's fitting that this is the last open gallery for the year. Enjoy everyone.

This is a topic inspired from our contributing photographer, Erika Pinkley. The Newbie, as a photographer, faces a lot of challenges along their way. Growing and evolving as an artist, requires guidance. Let's see what we can draw from all the various viewpoints.

Let's recap the year and how elements will change for the future issues of SESSIONS Online Magazine. 2017, we made great gains. I'm very proud of all we did and the direction we took. let me share the future.

I hope to explain the delay in getting this issue out.