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The first 8. In 2014, I found 8 models to be part of the first 8 covers. Most were established models in and around the Kansas City area, while others were friends. SESSIONS has never been about models solely. My ultimate plan is to include anyone willing to sit for me. But, something about them has to be unique. Be it, their character, personality and then comes in being photogenic.
The Original 8 came at a time when my daughter and I were dealing with my Mom being put into a nursing home for Dementia. Toward the middle of the project my Mother died. This is my gift to her memory and her wish that I regain my career as a photographer, after going bliind in one eye. It's been an uphill battle to honor her wishes. But we push on. I think so far she would be quite happy.

Models in the Original 8; Summer May, randiMAXX, Ally Lyn, Taylor Jo, and many more.......

See it from the beginning!

Photographic Artist, Jessica Jinx takes the Self Portrait to an art form. In her series, you'll see just how creative a woman and a camera can be. Her use of Tonal Imaging is perfect to say the least.

In 2105, I faced a great deal of obstacles when attempting to complete another 8 volunteers for SESSIONS. The main obstacle being that I lost my studio. So I had to get creative. Sadly, due to personal reasons, only 3 models were completed.
But the interest in SESSIONS grew

Photographer Daniel Love's work inspires. In looking at his imagery, I can honestly say the fine art nude is alive and thriving in his work. Beautiful, creative and erotic. Daniel's images remind me of how sensual photography used to be done. Beautiful Work, well done!