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Have the time for a decent read? Then check out my Editors Forum. My point of view, what I like and don't like, what pisses me off and what I enjoy. This is me being pure honest. So, check it out.

As the title suggest, this is the Feature issue. Meaning? Simple. In the process of creating this issue I came away with the idea that a couple of Feature Galleries would be nice to have cap off the newest collection of work. In doing so I had to decide between 4 artist, plus my own gallery. I've never been good at making decisions. So I decided why don't we just display them all. Hence you have Issue 7 with 5 creative galleries. In hindsight, I feel it was a good idea. Three of the Artist you already know, Photographers, Daniel Love, Erica Shelley, and Erika Pinkley, have put together some great work to share. Then we have newcomers and equally talented Photographers, Jody Jarvis and Heather Fryer. To complete the Feature of Four, we have SESSIONS model, Delaney Dodge, shot by yours truely, she would be the cover for issue #24 of my photo series. Additionally this issue, I have the ever popular, Illusion Gallery, and a Personal Commentary, I would like to share. This, as I stated in issue #6, is the pre Halloween Take Over issue. There are just 3 issues to go before the end of the year. My hope is that we build more and more followers as well as additional artist who wish to contribute. Enjoy the issue.

In many ways I would have to be honest and say that the Illusion Gallery is a favorite part of this magazine for me personally. It calls out to the days of artist submitting work to photo magazines, just to share and or be seen. I used to give the imaginative example of seeing a group of photographers around a table throwing prints down for all to see their work. Sharing, showing off, being proud of what they created. Illusion Gallery reminds me of this free form type of photo share. No critique. No judging. Just simply sharing work you are proud of. This month does not disappoint. I had a total of 6 artist share their work. A mixed media. Very happy to say that the selection of images are awesome. Yes I am biased. Enjoy everyone, and always remember that if you are an artist of any type, please send me work and be seen in the Illusion Gallery. There is NO pay to this, simply exposure. A way of getting your work seen by the masses.

My photo series that began all this madness is now up to issue number 24. Not to be confused with the 7th issue of SESSIONS Online. The photo series was the beginning. Now up to the 24th issue, I'm excited to say that Delaney Dodge is the SESSIONS model for this issue cover, as well as the online magazine. We had a blast working together. This was her first modeling gig and she did great. Very much a natural. Delaney will be one of my Halloween Project models, so you will see a lot more of her. Enjoy issue #24.

A fellow photographer who I consider a very good friend. He's been on SESSIONS Online Magazine since issue one. This time around he made my job really hard as an editor, selecting which of his images should be in this months feature gallery. They are all extremely good. It wasn't an easy selection. His fine art nudes intrigue me. Always enjoy viewing his work. I've inlcuded a poem that he wrote for this photo series. I felt it was appropriate to add to this gallery. His work reminds me of Edward Westons, but let's not tell him that.

Ya know how you are on Facebook and you see a link to someones profile and or if they are an artist of any kind, a link to their work? Well that's how I found Jody. Saw an image she did, hit the link and then that led me to her work. Was blown away. Her work harkens back to some of my beginnings as a photographer. I think one darkroom rat can sense when they are in the company of another darkroom rat. I love her work and feel she more then deserves to be part of the Feature Gallery collection. Contacted her as soon as I was done stalking her work. LOL

Erica's enthusiasm for her art is mind blowing. It's not just a process for her, a living or a job, it's part of her. She is her art. You can see lil parts of her in every image she does. Be it a portrait or her getting lost in a landscape or simply shooting a flower. You can see the love in her work. It's how she speaks. Want to know the real Erica? Then take in her work. Look at her flowers. The flower itself is rich in color, edited so the area around it is a mass of soft darkness, she has centered her passion, making the flower come to life. I love her work and understand her fustration of speaking through it and the fight to be heard.
I found Heather Fryers work on Instagram. I was tooling through Phantasm Magazine when her work hit me. What can I say, I was blown away. Her use of props, color, the model, her editing skills, her creativity, all hit me at once. I love this type of art. Her use of photoshop as well as her imagination hit me as I went through everyone of her images. Then to see her step away from the concept work and throw herself into some of the best car shots I have ever seen is amazing. Puts my car shots to shame. Heather is an amazing artist and a photographer that I wanted to share on SESSIONS! I was thrilled when she agreed to share a few of her images.

When I thought up the Feature Gallery issue, one of the photographers who was at the top of my list was Erika. While she had contributed to the Illusion Gallery, I hadn't really had a chance to highlight her work in her own gallery. So I contacted her right off and asked her. She was all in!! And then, lol! Erika forever busy and doing so much as a photographer, artist, business woman, Mom and Wife, forgot about this issue. LOL! When she contacted me, I was thrilled that I still had time to include her. Erika's work I just love. She is always trying something new. Her skills at capturing an image amazes me. Be it in the pitch of darkness or underwater. Extremely glad she could make this issue!!

Take sometime away from your EGO and be part of the artist who contribute to this magazine. None of them do it for financial gain. This is a chance to share your work with fellow artist and have it seen by the public. Share what you created, be part of SESSIONS Online Magazine.