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Have the time for a decent read? Then check out my Editors Forum. My point of view, what I like and don't like, what pisses me off and what I enjoy. This is me being pure honest. So, check it out.
Shooting for the Halloween Project begins. If You are new to my work then let me enlighten you. Every year around Summer time, I begin to search out models and friends who are interested in having fun with Halloween and creating interesting art around it. I rarely if ever have considered my work creepy or scarey. I think as an artist you have to have a dark element in you to create and capture the seriously creepy stuff. My work is more for whimsey. The concept idea comes from Horror Movie posters. Nothing more. Mine is the front cover to what could possibly be inside the movie, not the movie itself.
So what is new for this year? First off a deeper darker merge between my concept idea, and a heavy load of Photoshop. The last two years I have added a little composite work into each image I created. This year it will be much heavier, as well as a darker theme, pulling in two horror series and lil published folklore, and "true" bouts of apparent evil. The Halloween Project takeover of SESSIONS takes place in the October issue.

So what's up with advertising for it now? Beause I have begun shooting and I am looking for additional models, but not just any models. I'm looking for amateurs. I want those that always dreamed of being a model, but never had the guts, or thought themselves worthy. Housewife/stay at home Mom, actors, actresses, joe blow wanting to have fun, etc..So, I've used SESSIONS to get the word out. I'm searching out those worthy. Call it a model search. So follow the link and get the details to the model criteria I need.




If I can say that any new addition to this magazine is more popular over all the others, it would have to be the Illusion Gallery. By the tracker that logs views on this site, this gallery seemed to be the most popular. I enjoyed displaying the last issues collective of artist. This issue I attempt it again. Hopefuly it will be as popular as last time. As I said in it's premier, Illusion Gallery brings in all levels of photographic talent. You won't be sorry.
It's my hope that more contribute an image or two to this gallery. It's a great way of getting your work seen. How do you contribute? Easy! Simply send me your work. It's that simple. Include a watermark on all submissions, model credits, and a link, so viewers may see more of your work.
Enjoy this issue's display of talented artist.

Daniel has contributed work to SESSIONS since the very first issue. So it was a no brainer to invite him to be the very first photographer to have his work on the cover of SESSIONS other then myself. I have admired Daniels work for sometime. In hopes of convincing him to be the mags first guest photographer for the cover, I stalked his work once again, found my favorites and then approached him. His reply? Wanted to know if he had time to shoot a new set? And he had his model in mind. LOL! Who was I to say no? So the work you see here, while not exclusive, was shot with SESSIONS in mind and he,...they, did a great job.

Model, Ashley George, provided the beauty that helped shape Daniels Feature Gallery. This young lady should be modeling more then she is. Beautiful set!

First off my apologies to Roger. He has many times tried to convice me to meet, talk on the phone, get together and everytime someting in my life gets in the way. Yet he stays my friend. This is the guy who listens to me lose my mind on Facebook, watches me vent, then sends me a message to se if I ams still sane, what happened, and usually to blow it off. After we talk, 9 times out of 10 he calms me down. LOL! I have talked to Roger before about submitting work to SESSIONS, this time around I was able to include him. If you are from Kansas City I am pretty sure you will know one or two of the models he has worked with. Plus we have something in common, we are both darkroom hermits, well in my case I was. But his exploring the process again brought back years of memories. An excellent photographer, who knows how to capture beauty, and well as a few damn good landscapes!! I'm more then sure you will enjoy the work he has display here.


I met Justion Marlowe/SoundControl through Instagram. What began as his appreciation of my art, and then my appreciation of his music, and has grown now to a very good friendship. Enough in fact that when I thought up my next move with SESSIONS, with bringing in other artist work, I knew the first step was adding a Music Artist Profile. Justin was the first guy I thought about. In his profile I have included a link to his music as well as a recent photo set that he did with Photographer, EA Lee. I'm a big fan of EA Lee's work. I think you'll enjoy getting to know Justin better and you'll also become a fan like I am.
So usually with every past issue I give a hint what the next issue will be. This time around you tell me. To accomplish Issue #5's being published, which is the Contributors Issue, I had to go looking for interested parties to be part of it. Now on board, and with everyone seeing that I am serious about this, I'm receiving more submissions. So, there in lies the problem. Do I create an Issue 6 that will stand on it's own or do I let it sit until October and allow my photo series, The Halloween Project, to take over? Or, do I do two issues and put the word out that I need Halloween submissions from my colleagues? So there are many ways to contact me here on SESSIONS. In fact SESSIONS will be advertising it's on Instagram. (Sessionsonlinemag) So, let me know. Odds on me publishing submissions are very good. As I have always said, I'm a photo whore. Look forward to hearing from you.