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Have the time for a decent read? Then check out my Editors Forum. My point of view, what I like and don't like, what pisses me off and what I enjoy. This is me being pure honest. So, check it out.


This is a new gallery to the magazine. Each issue, SESSIONS will highlight a model. Doesn't matter who shot the work, everyone gets seen here. Gallery displays the models work, short bio and a link to the models websites. Photographers will receive photo credits and links to their own personal websites as well. Our first Model Profile is, Shelbi Mcclure.

In my vast list of Photographers that live in my area, and to whom I have always thought about including in SESSIONS. Larry Peaks work is among them. His Portraiture, be it General to Nude, is a one on one with the model. I love this. It's not created around heavy photoshop filters or prop driven. More, it's simple and honest. I don't feel the photographer is present. I feel like I am right before the model. This is true portraiture.

Unless you live in a cave and haven't seen my own photo work, then you are aware I love any form of heavy photoshop laden digital art. Gueraley's work struck me right off. Her use of multiple image overlays takes a persons breath away. I love to see new images she has created pop up on my instagram and to think she does all this awesome work using apps. It's with this that I felt she deserved to be seen on SESSIONS.

Tear Sheet is a new quick gallery that we have added to SESSIONS Online Magazine. It's small gallery glimpse of the artist work and gives a link to their website, Facebook or Instagram. Gives us another way of promoting a contributor.

So, if you are wondering if this is the last issue of SESSIONS Online Magazine, the answer would be, NO! The delay in gettting this issue out has entirely been the fault of two factors. My health first, I had a case of Tinnitus. Couldn't hear a thing from my right ear, had a constant ringing and a case of the dizzies. Mkaes it hard to look at the computer for any great deal of time. Not good when you are trying to put together a magazine. Then there would be that my work is becoming more popular so I am arranging my life and continual work around this, I simply did not have the time to put into getting this issue completed. Yes! Things are going very well. My work is once again evolving and I love the direction it is going in. Will I stop the actual photo seriesm after issue 32? As I always said I would? Hm? We will see. This issue I have put the Illusion Gallery to the back burner and have instead brought out a new gallery called, Tear Sheets. They are a one page gallery devoted to just showing a glimpse of the artist work. Let's see how it does. That's it for this issue. Enjoy what we have. Hopefully the next issue will be on time and have a whole lot more in it. Check out the editors notes, so I haven't wasted my time.


Shameless plug to my own work, but also as an example. For the April issue of SESSIONS, I want to advertise your website, Instagram, facebook Page, Model Mayhem, ect...Contact me, send me the link you want and inside the next issue we will have it displayed on more then one page. So get me your links and let's advertise your work!