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Writer, Dan Hurdle shares his point of view on the Socialyl accepted practice of the UNFOLLOW. How a person's status these days depends up who is FOLLOWING or UNFOLLOWING, and why some even care. Dan will be a regular contributor to SESSIONS, in future online issues.

We're opening the vault and bringing you past, Halloween Project images, newly re-edited as well as New Work from the 2016 season. Join us for some fun, The Halloween Project Takeover for Issue #3 of SESSIONS Online Magazine, Begins!

Here it is!! The Halloween Project takes over SESSIONS for one issue. It's a fun photo series. This year was made even better by using this website as a venue. Now you can see the full assortment of banners, along with previous years work. Enjoy!

This month Victoria Dee is SESSIONS only actuall SESSIONS layout. The rest of the site is devoted to Halloween and The Halloween Project. Victoria is new to modeling, this being her first set. We spent a couple of hours shooting in a hotelroom, running through sets of lingerie. Sh'e a natural! Did extremely well for her first modeling gig.

My Muse, Summer May was on the first cover of my photo series, SESSIONS. So it's only fair that she's my first full pictorial, in the Online Mag. You'll see a range of images we've shot since the first of this year, some never before seen and few that were included in her Halloween sets. A Hot Pictorial!

Kerry Thonen is an old friend that cultivated his art as long as I have. His style is ver much his own. I remember seeing a piece he had created back in the early 80's. If memory serves it was a World War II P-51 mustang, morphed iton a mix of color and overlay. Just to watch him do this was amazing. Back then I was amazed at how well he used an airbrush. To see another artist at work in his studio, if you are an art geek like me, moves you to want to get up and create art yourself. Thus, a few years later I challenged myself to pursue, photography. Join the journey through life that he shares with us here. He's an amzing artist.

I met Ben, when he became a member of a photo group I started on Facebook. The group was an eclectic group, a mix of Photographers and Photographic Artist. Ben is very much the Photographic Artist. His talent at mixing a enticingly beautiful landsacpe then in the next image you see a equally beautiful nude model. In the process of editing the SESSIONS site, I went through the work he submitted and enjoyed every shot he shared. A true talent!

I purposely left this link inactive in the first to issues of SESSIONS Online. Taking the time to collectively thank and give credit to those that have helped with SESSIONS, is hard to formulate. Everyone that has helped have drifted in and out. To be honest, lately it's been a very rag tag team of people. I guess when you decide to produce and shoot for your own magazine, you really do discover who your true friends are. I know I did. I found that a large amount of text and emails went unanswered. But the ones who did, have my deepest gratitude.

Serynne Cyanides chainmaille work is SESSIONS first advertiser and she doesn't disappoint. Beautiful handcrafted work.

Have the time for a decent read? Then check out my Editors Forum. My point of view, what I like and don't like, what pisses me off and what I enjoy. This is me being pure honest. So, check it out.