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First Issue of SESSIONS Online Magazine showcased the modeling talents of, Candy Lette, Tabby Gifford, Tessia Bowen and Manda Cheek. Artist Profiled, Jessica Jinx and Daniel Love. For a first issuse, we did fairly well, logging 500 hits per day. Although our viewership have dipped since the first issue, SESSIONS still seems to be drawing a crowed. It's popularity seems on a rise. It hasn't been easy. The first and second issue has been a challenge. Keep in touch with where we began and what direction we take with each and every issue.

Interview with Photographic Artist and Editor of SESSIONS Online Mag? Yes actually. The Interview came about recently by freelance writer, Dan Hurdle. Unplanned, and unscripted, Dan went one on one with Kerry about his past work, the various series he strives to produce, tech talk and his personal life. He also delves into misinformation, rumors, and fabricated stories that seem to follow him around. Kerry Ray Tracy talks candidly about the models he's worked with, his contemporaries, and what his future plans are. The interview was conducted over a course of two days in the Kansas City area, while having lunch.  

Kimmy Kay has been a well known model in the Kansas City area for the last few years. Having worked with a variety of photographers, she's earned respect as a professional. Pushing the limits between Erotic to General Modeling, Kimmy's portfolio is expansive. So it was a surprise to learn recently about her plans to retire from modeling. We dig a little deeper into if she is actually serious about retiring and a few answers to the why's.

It's an honor to inlcude Photographic Artist, Shawnna Jones work in this issue of SESSIONS Online Mag. I'm a huge fan. Every image that she produces captivates. You have that moment of, "Wait? What did I just see?" Shawnna graciously sent SESSIONS a collection of her work for all to see. It's amazing that this woman produces her art with the help of family, friends and fellow artist. I'm going to have to make the trip to Festus, Missouri to meet her in person. But first, she's SESSIONS, Artist Profile for Issue #2.

Writer, Dan Hurdle shares his point of view on the Socialyl accepted practice of the UNFOLLOW. How a person's status these days depends up who is FOLLOWING or UNFOLLOWING, and why some even care. Dan will be a regular contributor to SESSIONS, in future online issues.

For Issue #3 of SESSIONS Online, my photo series, The Halloween Project will do a full out takeover of the magazine. The theme this year is Past and Present. I'll display past years images along with new edits. Plus new THP will be showcased. I'm looking to add two new models to the actual SESSIONS magazine cover art. The Artist Profile has yet to chosen, but I'm on the lookout. Keep an eye out for sneak peaks of this years Halloween Projects.