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Far from the "selfie", the art  of the Self Portrait is not an easy process. Browse through, DeviantArt, Instagram and Tumblr and you'll find a small group of artist who have worked at making it perfection. Jessica Jinx has done it well. What you see before you is purely her and the camera. A self timer, never used better. A mix of tonal saturated imaging, sexuality and creative posing, Jessica's work has it all.  K R Tracy

Jessica Jinx is more then a bio can hold!

She is a character in front of the camera, being the vase to the painter. My work is inspried by mainly movies and graphic novels. While I look up to many photographers, I've never wanted my work to fit in or be like theirs. To me the human body, a ripple in a body of water, a grungy empty alley, sun light that bounds across a dusty floor, or the dark shade of lipstick smudged across naked lips....that's art, that's beauty. While I love shooting with my Canon or begging my Father for his Nikon, I'd choose my cell phone camera over both. It's not the equipment that makes a photographer. In the long run, I want people to look at my work, look at Jessica and not see a naked woman in a bathtub but the whole story. The lighting, colors, small things. I want people to see art the way I see freedom.
My goal now is to let Jessica have a vacation because almost a year ago I grew my own little model, in my belly and I'm killing to show my little ham off.

Thank you for letting me share.
Jessican Jinx