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First I want to thank, Kerry Tracy for asking me to be one of the artist featured in his magazine SESSIONS. His working man ethos as a photographer has develop a unique voice that is all his own and continues to break new ground as an artist. He is truly living the warriors life and I loving him for it. Thank You.

As for my work, I began by combining the digital with traditional methods to create a timeless piece. These creative expedition explore my own internal geography and interest that give voice to my journey in this world. The images that are shared in this issue of SESSIONS is a sample of that journey.


I'm still blown away when I look at Kerry's work. I've known Kerry since the ealry 80"s and I can actually say that it's possible I was allowed to see the beginning of his direction into this breathtaking body of work. I love the layering, the content, the color, the format and what I envision the process of creating. Kerry taught me how to use an air brush and to be honest he is the one sole friend who convinced me in the early 80's that digital camera's was in our future. I will publically admit here, he was right and I think him for it. Please enjoy this insanely talented artist and is incrediable work.