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Moments in life rotating between pain, joy, boredom and surprise, fleeting and ever changing.

Looking for that bedrock in which one’s feet solidly plant


Emotions coursing through the highways of the soul

Tears dropping from on high, unexpected and without the reason of logic


The years fly past, their shadow passing by like the falcon’s before the sun.

Lines on the face and the heart; scars of time and wisdom, growing deeper, becoming clearer


Any vestige of control, a mirage on the horizon

Dominoes falling, appearing orderly and organized, truly pushing deeper into chaos


Days getting colder, leaves falling from their branches

Elation coming at a pace, timing decided by an unseen clock, timing a machination of its own desire


Lovers transient in nature; every relationship finding its end

Hearts healing; never becoming whole once more


Sitting in a great hall; coming or going; stripped of all pretense. Watching dust dance on the sunrays; light spilling in through ancient rippled glass. Deep dark tones of oak wafting in the air, filling the nares. Illuminating memories of travelers who have previously passed along these paths. Silver tendrils rising from pipes that have long ago gone cold. Arrivals in the East. Departures in the West. Divested of possession. Warm and bare. Soul and body. Patiently waiting for a boarding call, destination unknown. Time to move on

Prepared, framed, and presented.
Rules of composition addressed, symmetry and balance sought and found.
Calm and collected, a mirror across an undisturbed surface.
Closer yet…
Upside down, turned around and backwards.
Twisted, convoluted;
Hiding flaws and insecurities.
A screen, security and protection provided.
Covering and shielding the petals of a flower; fragile and easily bruised.
Stunning in their imperfection, but aloof…
Can you see her?

Patches on her jeans, twigs in her hair.
Dirt, thick under her fingernails.
Running through fields, jumping fences. There is nothing she can’t do!
Suns set and rise, days burn and nights dream.
 Insidiously, she is dressed in the insecurities of others.
Your hair too frizzy.
Your breasts too small.
Your stature too petite.
Your gender too frail.
Years pass, one after another;
looking in the mirror,
Incanting to herself:
Your hair is too frizzy.
 Your breasts are too small.
Your stature too petite,
Your gender to frail.
Believing the words to be hers,
trusting there validity.
Every day battling to defeat obstacles, barriers unfairly placed and errantly accepted.
One day, looking out the window, a little girl running through the fields.
Dirt thick under her nails,
her copper hair blown out.
Her hair is perfect.
Her body is beautiful.
Her mind is sharp.
Her possibilities infinite.
Turning and looking in the mirror, she sees that little girl once more.
One tear, damp at the corner of the eye. Realizing, understanding and promising;
No barriers!
 No obstacles!
No more!

In creating this magazine, I've had more people tell me that I can't do it then I can. In the end you know your friends, know who and who is not in your corner. The drive? To merge images with words, to give insight into what you feel an image represents. In my corner it's a simple magazine. In Daniel Love's corner, he has made it his art. He has taken his images, and merged them into poetry. Each tangible writing, represents what the images says to him, what perks his thoughts and feelings. I so well understand his drive in doing this.
So when he asked my feelings on self publishing a book of his images matched with his writings, and after sampling his work, I felt it was a fantastic idea. Why? Because these days I follow my gut, I go with what I come upon that feels right, what speaks to me. Many of Daniels writings did just that. I would read and in my mind I could connect with the words. I've always been a fan of his photography, but to see the writing with it, you shake your head and go, "yeah, I get that!" When something speaks to you like that then it's time to share it with others. So a book was a no brainer.
Now the flip side of every artist project. How to finance it? Because when us artist think up a concept we rarely see the money end to create it, we only see the creation. These days the world as we know have an answer to this and it's called Kickstarter. Daniel needs our help and donations to help this project come to life. I have put the links that I can to his KICKSTARTER page. Simply click on the little box with his image to the right here. Also take the time to sample his work on this page. I love his work a little more then I used to given he has created a deeper meaning to it. Enjoy and help an artist out if you can