Interviewing Model, Kimmy Kay had originally been planned for the first issue of SESSIONS. But with a multitude of distractions in my life these days it kept getting put to the side. Now with her announcement that she might retire, I felt it was appropriate if we made this interview happen. Before we get started, I just want to say that it was a pleasure to work with Kimmy. There are many local models in the KCMO area, many just play at being a model. Kimmy actually puts herself out there, almost daily and takes it all very seriously. Artist love chemistry. Kimmy knew exactly what I was asking as we worked together and followed my lead. We all laughed and enjoyed the process. As with many things these days, the actual act of being any kind of model, is giving way to the Selfie Model. Eventually it will be hard to find models to the degree we have now. My questions, are directed at the industry and if she feels there is chnage happening. The follwing is her view point.

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K R TRACY: In the few years that you have modeled, you have done very well at establishing yourself as a popular model. People know your name and your work. Your portfolio is pretty impressive, so my question is, why choose to retire? Why now?

KIMMY KAY: I choose to step gracefully and by choice. I also have other interests in modeling that I would like to pursue. Such as getting on the other side of the camera lens to see what I have to offer there. I still plan to do occasional shoots with photographers I love working with. And maybe a few new ones too. And special events shoots I would still be interested in doing. But I'm satisfied with the work I've done in the short time I've been doing it. I've no complaints. I've been blessed.

K R TRACY:So that opens up the question of it you feel there is an age that a model should retire? Or, should a model simply change how she models?

KIMMY KAY: There is no age limit. Beautiful woman are in all shapes, sizes,and ages. It's more of a personal thing for me. I know that in life we are given just a small dash of it. Then it's gone. You're dash so to speak has burned out and life goes on. I want to experience many things in my small dash of life.

K R TRACY: As a model, who has built a pretty impressive portfolio, do you feel modeling in the area has changed? Are the photographers looking for a particular type of model, thus cutting others out?

KIMMY KAY: I've come to find, My opinion completely, that they want younger models. Not always but mostly.(as I view it) I don't always understand that. My opinion again, older women are more confident and experienced with their bodies. How it works, what looks good, what's sexy in the "real world". Not saying that younger models aren't confident in their own skin. But the older women have more experience. And the one thing that still remains true, no matter how many deny it, well endowed on top appears to be the sought after. I've been turned away from things I've wanted to be a part of simply because I don't have what it takes, without the help of "illusions" on top, to be considered a part of. In fact I've been boldly told to my face " you don't have the boobs for that. They want big boobs." That bothers me to a degree.
K R TRACY: Do you feel people look more at the sexual aspect over an image then the art behind it?

KIMMY KAY: I think that depends on the viewer. Some guys look at the photos as a sexual aspect. However a lot to look at the outside of it. But again I really think it all just depends on the viewer of the photo. And where you display those photos. Some places that you do display photos are meant to be looked at as sexual. Other places you may place that photo is to have it viewed for the art form of it.
K R TRACY: What are your thoughts on, Selfie Models? Where they never work with a photographer. It's just them and their cell phone.

KIMMY KAY: The selfie model. LOL. Well I'm guilty of posting many selfies myself. I do it to keep my fans entertained and keep them posted with pictures. But those girls that are selfie models are just that. And shouldn't expect a whole lot out of what comes from it. My opinion. You have to work in order to achieve great photos. Yeah every now and then they might catch a great shot but nothing like when working with a photographer.

K R TRACY: Without saying names ado you feel there are local photographers in KC that are hard to work with?

KIMMY KAY: yes. For various reasons. But if they do good work I'll go back for more. and I do check out all my photographers before working with them. That just eliminates working with a difficult person or what I call a gwc meaning just a guy with a camera. Because if you come to work with a gwc, that could be very difficult to work with as well as very dangerous.

K R TRACY: So our models know and again without saying names, are there in fat photographers you know of that there whole goal of shooting you is sex based? They've used the pretense of shooting as a way of getting you naked?

KIMMY KAY: Yes there are and I try to avoid them like the plague. However I have work with it few that have also made passes to me and all I had to do was set them straight and that was the end of that. We continued to work with no problems.
K R TRACY: Would you alter your body, possibly with implants to keep on modeling or are you ok with your body as is? There is a growing trend where models are now having their implants removed.

KIMMY KAY: At one point I considered getting implants. But at my age I figured why spend that kind of money on silicone implants when I can place silicone implants in my bra and make them look just the same as if they were under my skin. I would rather spend that money on a Harley for myself. LOL however if I do come into a large chunk of money they could still very well be a possibility. It sure does make you look better in bikinis in tight fitting clothes. LOL. But at my age I've learned to accept my body for what it is and what I've got and learned how to use my other assets.

K R TRACY: Name the top 5 photographers you have worked with?

KIMMY KAY: Javie Gallegos, Kerry Ray Tracy, Keith Foster,Dick Carlson, Tommy Brison, oh and I cannot forget Gary Brown (there's an extra bonus name for my answer)

K R TRACY: If you do retire what's your future plans?

KIMMY KAY: Settle down maybe a little bit and and get married. Practice on the other side of the lens. And learn how to ride a motorcycle. I would like to own my own by the time I'm 50 and know how to ride it.
K R TRACY: If, the right shoot idea presented itself wouldyou consider coming out of retirement if only briefly?

KIMMY KAY: Absolutely because it's something I really have enjoyed doing these past years. So to do an occasional shoot would be even more special then to be doing them the time. People will wait with anticipation of what you might have next to come out. where they may have had to wait 4 maybe 6 months or even year to see the image that you and the photographer created. Like an unveiling.