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I agree completely with Daniel's viewpoint, or should I say facts. In the course of my work being on Facebook and Instagram, I have had over a dozen images pulled, and been blocked from using either profile for up to 7 to 10 days. In fact a couple of years ago on Christmas, my gift from Facebook was a 30 day suspension for showing a models rear end.
I have had my work Shadow Banned, and in some cases the new culpirt is bots that are linked to your profile, so whenever you post it monitors content. If it does not approve your image it's either lost or it's yanked, or worse yet, the bot makes it so your work is shoved to the bottom of millions of other images, usually a bunch of teenagers doing selfies. Then it's lost forever to viewers.

The only view I might have that might differ is that I don't see it changing anytime soon. I honestly don't see, in my lifetime, the "free" the nipple charge, change anything. As long as Facebook and Instagram or any other Social Media site, stays the way they are, then we will forever cover nipples and refrain from showing any type of nudity, least wise blatant. I don't feel it's due to politics or even a drive to wipe out free speech or expression.

I think the cold hard fact is that due to the country we live in. It's easier for sites to control nudity then risk having people drop their social network. So the reality is, it comes down to money. They would rather steer to the side of being caustious and upsetting a few by controlling a nude body or even a nipple, then upset a majority. So it's easier to require censorship of images then anger those who are offended. You upset a few yet keep the majority happy and still wanting to stay. Thus, no money is lost. Instagram, no matter what country you are in, it's the way it is, nipples are to be censored and over all nudity contained.

I see a nude and to me it's art. It's beauty. My kids were raised in a home where nudity was not frowned upon. They were used to it and never saw it as forbidden. It starts in the mind of the child raised. Sadly many families are still not this open. Now you have all kind of things that can be made of it, by anyone, in any place and in any country. If a man bathes his daughter in a bathtub does this make him a pedophile? Maybe this is going outside the topic, but the reality is that many people twist and contort what is beyond the truth. I wish we lived in a country or even a world where my art can be seen whole, minus a censor bar over the privates of a model. But, another fact is that even if Instagram overnight decided to begin allowing uncensored images, you will without a doubt have some moron make it a perversion. There is not a day that goes by that I don't see an image posted that is beautiful and a great work of art, that doesn't have a comment that is luid and draws the image down to a something disgusting. Maybe the actual fact is that this world in a whole has immature people, they are creating and raising immature children.

Now, one last view point. My history as a photographer entails my shooting a large amount of Erotic work. I've went outside the extreme of a simple nipple. Most of the money I made was from being published in the area of Eroticism. I also sold my fine art nude print work by mail order. This was from the 80's to the late 90's. In 1994 the internet was just coming into it's own and being something worth showing your work on. I fought to get my first website built and going and sold all types of nude images on it, even erotic. Back then none of us faced any type of control over our imagery displayed. No censorship. There were share sites back then, much like Flickr or even an early version of what would be considered Instagram. Post a picture and state a price for it, or look to be accepted to another online gallery. There were tons of these sites. Nothing was dirty or perverted about them. We simply showed our work. Then in early 2000, all these controls started coming down on websites like this. We were all told the reason for this was that the internet was now being used by educators, families and young children. It exploded with everyone being able to access whatever they wanted to, and at this same time photographers and artist who had used it for years, were now seen as perverted. How can the internet sell wholesomeness and protected viewing for families and children if us sick guys were all over the place?? See? It came down to money. So many sites were yanked down and fingers pointed at artist as being sicko's. Many either retired, dropped the internet altogether or searched for sites where their work could be seen, uncensored. Michelle 7, Jade Magazine, Libido Magazine, Fetlife, Tumblr and DeviantArt were just a few that we could all go to. Sadly only three that I listed still allow free viewing of nudes. Fetlife being the most open, yet it is also by membership. The rest are beginning to censor the imagery. Photographers profiles are being yanked. Youtube is being controlled as well. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. From 2000 to the present and there are zero signs of anything changing. As I said it's a roller coaster. It won't change, and if it does it will not stick. No President, No congress, No army of voters or people in general are making the stance to change it.

I will wrap this up with this fact. I keep my numbers low on Instagram. Yes, I could Network and gain more, or mingle with other artist and models who might get me higher numbers. I could do the Instagram dance. But to me it's not about getting followers, it's just about displaying my work. If you want to follow do so, if not that's ok too. That being said,...I can post an image of maybe a composite I did of a model on a tricycle fully clothed and get a fair amount of likes or even a follow or two. BUT, if I post a woman nude with censored bars on it, my numbers are high and I get abolut 10 follows and not all of those are male oriented. It's actually sad and annoys me a great deal. So in essence nudity, sexuality, sensuality, what draws peoples attention and it's rarely that they see it as art or the beauty in a nude. Before we remove the censor bar, we have to change how it's viewed and accepted or there is no reason to remove it. Starts with changing the mind of the viewer, and that won't be a simpler task. End of my view point. I hope I am wrong and we eventually see change in this. But as the world is right now, I doubt it.

K R Tracy