This interview was an unscripted, unplanned, spotaneus interview that just happened to come about when two friends run into each other at a local eating place. The first went so well that they meant for an additional chat a few days later.
Dan Hurdle is a freelance writer, primarily with nonfiction short stories and a book in the works.

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Dan Hurdle: I'm going to have to agree with you on the Social Media stance. I know a few writers who have had the same issue with it. That's why I never use my real name on Social Media or in my writings. You never know these days. As you know I'm an advocate about people getting away from Facebook. I can only imagine what an artist goes through. So, I do have to say that it seems this guy really gets under your skin. Why let it effect you? Your work stands for itself and it would seem you have the law on your side.

K R Tracy: On a daily basis, no! I never seek out their modeling page, it's not worth my time. But I do have friends who are friends with them let me know if I need to be concerned about something. Anymore they are low ball. I've got my hands in too many things these days to worry about what they other guy is doing. In fact, with doing SESSIONS and this website I have very little time to worry about anything else. I barely have time to shoot. It's simply part of what I hear down the line. People talk and no one is loyal anymore. I pretty much function on my own. While I love working with established models, I also love working with amateur models. I think many photographers forget that there is always a young adult out there or housewife who has always dreamed of modeling. So it's fun to work with someone new and helped them develop into an actual model. 
Social Media, well it's a two edge sword. While I think it helps to get an artist seen. It also can hurt them. Especially if you get too involed with it and let your reputation and work stand by it. Then if an artist runs into a conflict with a model or another photographer, their reputation and years of work are thrown to the side. I've also seen where the new model is the "Selfie Model". They never work with an actual photographer. They just base their portfolio on selfies. And ya know what? They are successful. Do I like it? No! But it's a thing these days. If I go and look at a models Facebook page and or modeling page and all you see is selfies and video feeds of them, I run the other way.  

Dan Hurdle: Let's wrap this up. I want to finish with you explaining your work. What you do and how you do it? Heck throw in a little tech talk or what you use to edit.
K R Tracy: LOL! I guess I fall in with those guys that don't feel that it's the equipment you use, it's the person using the equipment. In my career, I've used Canon as well as Nikons. Currently I use Nikons, but have played with the idea of adding in a Canon. Of course the other day I was exploring the idea of buying a FujiFilm XE2 or Xt1. Seen some images shot with them and loved it. Or, hell my iPhone takes damn good pictures. I've never felt that the equipment you use, denotes the work you create. When it comes to lighting, I own studio flash, but rarely use it. Don't like the look entirely and it doesn't warp to filters like I want. So I will either use natural light or I go old school, and use hot lights. And I mean old fashioned hot lights that heat up a room. I like the heavy shadows, I like the wave of light it puts out. It's dramatic. I think more Artist use this type fo light then Photographers. I like to move it around and search for a different look.
Editing......this is where I become secretive. I will say that yes, I use Adobe Photoshop, I use Lightroom, and I also use, Corel, plus one more. Everyone of them have given me a different look. I spend hours messing with a program to get a new look or learn something new in editing. Yes, I over filter. I'm up front and proud of that.You are talking to a guy who used to draw splash pages like comic book art and painted murals. My end want is to make the model into art, not just a pretty picture. So I take it as far outside the envelope as possible. I won't tell the steps I do because a certain amount of what I do I want to keep as my own. Anyone can own a editing program, it's the steps you take and the filter combination you do that makes it your style and art. I've given a few advice on what filters to use, But I also see where they haven't found the combination I use either.
Explaining my work,.......My parents used comic books to entertain us kids when we were young. Might have been a wrong thing to do, but it spurred 4 artist. They would hand it to us and tell us kids to draw what you see. So we did. I grew up turning all my work into a comic book or story book page. Hell, even my erotic work has a comic book edge to it. Eventually fustration over the drawings not being real enough had me turn to photography for reality. So through the way I shoot and the editing programs I use, I'm able to bring that comic book, that concept art to life.
Dan Hurdle: Are you the best Photographic Artist or Photographer out there today?
K R Tracy: NO! Not even by the slightest. I don't think that way. I'm not sure there is any perfect artist or photog out today. Look at sites like DeviantArt. You roll through there and you see photographers that just blow your mind. My heros are, Robert Farber, Helmut Newton, Jaime Ibarra, Thomas Mathews, Brooke Shaden, the list could go on and I don't think they are the best. In Kansas City where I live, I can pull out a large handful of great Photographers and Photographic Artist, there are many. I had a group on FB  for a couple of years and all the artist and photogs I admired were part of it.  But none of them are the best. You have to evolve as you go, to sit there and say you are the top of your game and the best is sad. Because the minute you do say that, someone is going to come along and throw you off the top of the mountain. I will say this. I know my art, I have a vision, ideas swim through my head minute by minute. I'm evolving and I'm excited to keep on changing. Does that make me great or the best? No! But it does make me hungry to keep on trying. I love to put the camera to my eye and create. If you are a real artist or photographer, then you know the feeling I'm referring to.
Dan Hurdle: This has been enjoyable Kerry. Thank you for inviting me to do this with you. I love the work you do and enjoying stalking it every chance I get.
K R Tracy: My pleasure Dan.