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Photography has been around my family as long as I can remember. My maternal grandfather recorded his family through the years and when the time came my mother took on this duty. She has volumes of photos of my family as we grew.

At Ft. Gordon, GA. I was introduced to the wonders of the darkroom. It was a mystical place with dim lighting, chemical smells and the magic of a photograph appearing before your eyes.For me, there is a certain romance to film that will never be replaced.

Digital photography is the reality now though. It offers many advantages in cost and creativity that film never could. The basics remain the same between the two. Its all about the light and the moment. That's true in either medium.

I am continually trying to learn more about this craft, to get better and to find my voice through my camera. I am hoping that it will carry me into my retirement years (which are growing all too close) With that in mind I keep shooting and will continue to do so as long as I can.