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I grew up in a small town outside of Kansas City. In this small town being ordinary is something people seem to gravitate more towards than embracing the uniqueness of an individual. I can't remember a time I wasn't actively creating. Whether that be poetry or more graphic types of art. The constant struggle of feeling like an outsider in my environment fueled my fire to create. To be at one with something that made sense to me personally. I have always created from my heart and it gave me freedom in my solitude.

Modeling has been an enormous creative outlet to me in addition to my writing. I began modeling at a young age, but at that time was not able to express myself in the way I desired. Today, I enjoy working with extremely talented photographers who have embraced me and my darkness so to say. I've began to use the visual representation to express feelings, moods, and even parts of my own personal history. I want to tell a story, to evoke emotion, to resonate with the inner most parts of others. My desire was never to be "another pretty face" or to gain popularity. I'm here to tell a story.

When preparing for a shoot and its subject matter, I look to my gut to find the direction to go. I generally don't have a solid visual of exactly what I want the finished product to look like. I'm introspective, and spend more time discussing my motivation for the shoot itself. The story I want to tell, the feelings I wish to convey. Body painting has quickly become a favorite of mine as it allows the use of color and texture in addition to the emotion and body language I provide. The mixture allows a combination of reality and yet the abstract. The partnering of the two is something that greatly appeals to me, and I am always beautifully surprised with the outcome.

Art is the most universal mode of human expression in my opinion. Technology has made sharing art it all it's forms easy and accessible. There are no rules to art really, only that it is expressive and from the heart. I don't believe it matters what technology or lack of such that is used. It is more about the artist's intent and the soul that they are putting into their work. I create for my soul, and I am so lucky and honored to have the opportunity to share a part of me with you.

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A Photographer dreams of having the perfect muse to work with. Finding one is altogether different. They have to think in sync with you, know the idea that's revolving around in your head, and help you to create it. It's a unique find. Any model is great but finding the perfect muse can be an awesome find and an awesome team mate. It would appear that Photographer Daniel Love has found his perfect Muse in, Layla Ives.
The following images are a taste of Photographer, Daniel Loves work with Layla. Additionally Layla also writes and has an Instagram based around her writings. @anonymouslunatic
Layla is Issue 12's, October SESSION model.