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Editor: I had a chance to experience Leli Paiges work way before approaching her to be part of SESSIONS. While I was blown away by the images she created, and to be very clear this is one of the artist appearing in the magazine that creates 100% of her work using her smartphone, I believe what finally convinced me to contact her was a video she put up. A simple cobweb blowing in the wind. In putting this publication together, I probably watched the clip probably 100 times and it still calms me.

So what exactly do I love about her work? Could it be she is a growing body of artist that use their phones to capture self portraits of themselves only to edit them in Snapseed, then contort and alter them in some kind of mind boggling Pixart app? Is it that her images remind me of the erie images that I found I could create with toy cameras or pinhole box cameras? All of the above. Every one of her images are different. None of them are alike. You can look at them for hours and find they we've a net of various images, designs, contortions, warping, color variances and distortions. I'm invited into her daily life, her good days and her bad days. Her hair in dreadlocks and without. And those eyes!!! She has the most intriguing eyes I have ever seen. While the rest of the image my be sedate or going through some kind of delirium, her eyes hold it all together, always centering on me the viewer. Beautiful eyes.
They say an artist will find a way to create no matter what tool or medium they pick up to speak. Leli's has found this and I am a fan!! So should you be.