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The world went dark.
Gas filled the air.
Clouds invaded cities and streets.
Choking on poison, turning the world into rage filled creatures.
Panting to taste the flesh of their own.
The little diner on 75th kept their doors open.
 Stocked the shelf's with glowing jars.
They now served the brain dead humans their own poison.
Just to keep the creature inside at bay.
The Diner on 75th, the diner of the Apocalypse.

My body is covered in stars.
I want to hold the galaxies in my hands, clench my fist and watch the worlds start to explode.
Planets saunter around my head, taunting me in dance. "Join us" they whisper, as they take my hands and we began to spin.
I find that my heart from the outside is cold, on the inside it burns a deep fire.
 A Phoenix would call home.
See words drip from my lips with endless passion.
 I'm not saying I am the solar system but I could make you feel like we'd been abducted.