The difference in past years of shooting this series is that I always turned to models to help create the work. This year I will again use models, but I also want an element of an amateur model. It sounds like both a challenge and delight to work with someone who has never been a model. This isn't something I am new to. It brings a fresh feel to the series. So, what am I looking for? Someone who has always wanted to try their hand at modeling but never had the time or the bravado to attempt it. Females are preferred, but I will consider a few male models. This search is for thise who have NO Modeling Page hidden away and looking to boost their exposure. I want volunteers who have never been before a camera in a professional sense. Main shooting for the series begins August 16th and will end October 1st, 2017. Halloween Take Over issue comes out October 21st.

1. Age: 18 to 45. If you are 18 then I need a proof of age. A license will do, and yes I can tell a fake from real.

2. HWP. Height, Weight, Proportionate. Meaning the whole body has to balance out. While I am looking for amateurs, your body type must meet a models or close to it.
3. Female models are preferred since the brunt of the ideas that have been created center around a female model. But I will consider a male. I do have a few shoots concepts that will need to have a male.
4. Expect to get dirty, be covered in blood or mud, shoved into any kind of costume, special effects makeup, etc.., This isn't a simple photo shoot. It can go to the extremes. In the past we've put a model through a lot.

5. Nude to Semi Nude is a possibility. Just depends on the shoot idea that I have set up. Some of the concept ideas will require showing some to more skin. If you are not for this then it doesn't rule out my using you, there are other ideas, but it might limit what I can place you in.

6. Pay? No! None. I have never had the resources to pay anyone for the Halloween Project. In the past it has been done purely as volunteer. Models, will get in return, copies of any edited images I create and modeling credits. This will be seen all over and you as the model pimped out. So basically your pay is exposure. Images will be shared here on SESSIONS in October, my personal website, and a variety of social media.

7. Actors or Actresses? This is perfect for you. The Halloween Project is usually based upon movies, story book themes, folklore, etc.,I have never shot an actual actor portraying my shoot ideas. It would be beyond cool to have you participate.
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8. Take direction. I need models to simply follow what I am directing them to do. Trust that I know where I am going with the concept we are working on.

9. 60% of the shoot is you. 40% of it will be Photoshop. If you volunteer to take part in this, please understand that your looks will be altered digitally. It's not the Halloween shoots you see on FB. We don't just cover you with blood, slap a knife in your hand and that's it. My art involves a high degree of Photoshop. If you want the other, I can direct you to a number of general photographers who do this.

10. Contact me by email or message through Facebook. If you are interested, send me images of yourself and or your Facebook. I am looking to fill about 8 spots, not including the models I already have.