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Into this world, pure and clean, running down the highway at a breakneck pace. Wind freely moving through our hair, the asphalt burning hot against any movement Grime of the world lightly speckled across our tight skin. Choices made at every turn and fork, turns so hard, holding on can be considered a feat at times. Bumping, wrecking and scraping by other vessels travelling to their individual destinations. Dents formed, mechanical failure, stalled and then recovered. Challenged and marred, mostly superficial or cosmetic in nature, but unable to hide the power, glory and beauty from within. Pure form, strength and grace propelling us into the fray A journey pulling and pushing with an intriguing sense of gravity. No time to turn around, no need to look back! Reach out, let the call of the spirit bring you to the trip, the sun warm on your skin. Don’t worry about where we have been, we don’t need to know where we are going. It will be undeniable when we get there!

In my youth, as I learned my way in the darkrrom and aspired to be a fine art photographer there were various photographers I followed. Robert Farber, Ansel Adams, Robb Debenport, and of course, Edward Weston. Well, to be honest I followed the whole Weston Family. Daniel's work reminds me of the Weston's work. Mainly Edward and Brett. His black and whites meld into shadows and if you are a fan of any of the artist I just named you know that all of them shot their nudes this way. Daniel has always impressed me with his nude work. True to being fine art, he allows the model to move and pose within her own comfort, showing the sensual side of her body. This set blew me away when he showed it to me. While I know he headlined last issues cover and feature gallery, I knew this set was perfect for the Feature gallery issue. It's truely fine art. Please enjoy and also take in Daniel's poem that was inspired by this photo set.