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While producing this issue I wrote every artist name down on a piece of paper, folded them tightly, gave them a shake, and chose one who I would choose to say something about, void of their own words, and let their art speak for itself. My words would have to represent them. I chose one, I chose, Erica Shelley. Ever had that moment where you like to sit back maybe with a cup of coffee, glass of wine or even a beer, and enjoy something before you? I've found that I like to go through Erica's work and enjoy her process. While I know she works hard at her business of shooting portraits, for which she is very good at, I love to look at her art side. Landscapes, Flowers, small objects that most of us might take for granted, she sees something more in. The way she edits, how she traps color in the middle of darkness....I go through each image and find something deeper to each image. They say artist speak with the work they create. Look closely, you can see every word she utters. This isn't a women that simply uses her art as a means to make ends meet, she uses her art to complete her. Without it, she wouldn't be Erica. The women loves her camera because it allows her to be free of limitations that daily life might have over her. This is an artist my friend. Take in her work and enjoy as I have and continue to do. Beautiful work Erica, always.