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Heather Fryer is a designer, conceptual digital artist and photographer from Edmonton Alberta, Canada She started off designing her own clothes and clothes for her kids which led her to designing costumes and accessories for her shoots. As a teen, she won multiple awards for her artwork starting her down a very creative path. With over 10 years in the industry she has a very unique view of the world. She started doing fantasy conceptual art a few years ago using Photoshop and has been pushing the boundaries ever since. She is a quick study and has learned her own path through Photoshop to create her signature look. Heather doesn’t follow any rules when it comes to her art or her editing. She has found her own unique style of photography and editing that creates breathtaking images. She likes to take popular literary and movie themes and mold them to meet her own unique view of the world. She uses darkness and light to create images that pop off the page. She has two amazing make up artists on her team that are extremely talented at helping to create the look of her fantasy art. Heather is a mother of three with one grand baby. Her Husband Steve is her assistant and partner in this great adventure. Her work is becoming more and more in demand. She recently turned her creative eye and editing skills to classic cars. She has turned the heads of many car owners who are now seeking her out to get amazing creative composites of their beautiful rides. 2017 was a year of open doors for Heather who is now having to carefully choose the projects she works on, there are only so many hours in a day. Heather alternates her time planning her conceptual projects, designing costumes, shooting them and hours at her computer editing the finished product, all while balancing work and life. Summer has become time for Cars and outdoor shoots, Fall and Winter are reserved for her fantasy shoots in her home studio.

Editor: I'm sure everyone has their favorite Instagram profiles that they follow. In my case in the last month I became a hug fan of Phantasm Magazine. If you have not followed it you must. In my going through all the talented artist represented, my eye kept hitting upon Visionsofheaphen's work. Her concept and fantasy work was awesome, fantastic, and creative. I was jealous of her skills as well as excited to see more of her work, a mix of emotions. Heather's work was exceptional. You could see she was more then just a photographer, she was a photographic artist. I loved every minute that I spent browsing her images. She truely has mastered photoshop.