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"Jody Jarvis 46 From Seattle, currently living in Missouri My father was an anarchist and my childhood was a carnival of weirdness and excitement. We watched Bad Company in concert, me riding his shoulders above the crowd. He would pick me up from elementary school in his Jeep and tell me to “hang on tight!”. I clung to the wipers and rode on the hood all the way home. Those were the fun days. We raised chickens and grew pot in our small bungalow in seattle. The rules didn’t apply. Some my fondest experiences were the parties. The grown ups listened to the Rolling Stones and my favorite song in the whole wide world, “Riders on the Storm”. They drank wine and gave me lots of sloppy, exuberant attention. Wandering through this latest house, marveling at the smokey voice of Jim Morrison I happened upon the coolest toy in the world. A Fisher Price Pocket Camera. The smooth, meaty click of the shutter spun the flash cube and slid crisp little images of zoo animals in the viewfinder. My evening was complete. I held the camera up to a lamp and enjoyed it’s exquisite perfection. My love for photography had begun. It was 1974. I was 4 years old. In 1993 I took photography 101 with a trusty Pentax K1000 and discovered the chemical pleasures of the darkroom. I learned to roll and develop film and create proofs and prints under the dim, red lights. I enjoyed experimenting with super high ISO film, 1600, 3200 and infrared. It’s a feverish, intense process. The darkroom would hold me hostage for hours as my kids banged on the door asking if they could eat rest of the peanut butter. Hell yes. Peanut butter is a protein. I’ve moved into the digital age but still hold fast to the grittiness and nostalgia of the past. My images reflect the darkness, humor and vulgarity of my childhood. As most photographers come to understand, photography, whether you intend to or not, will always reflect yourself. Your unsolved mysteries. Your pain and secrets. It’s an addiction. "

Editor: In my quest to find artist and photographers to showcase on SESSIONS, I go through various social network sites, hunting for images I like, those that speak to me. I guess I often will compare their work to artist to whom I loved in my youth and that stayed with me, in grained into my memory. Jody Jarvis's work struck a familiar note with me. In looking at her work it reminded of photographer, Sally Mann's work. While I know for fact she didn't intentionally do this, I feel she has in some way captured the spirit and feel of Sally Mann, while mixing her own style with it. Jody Jarvis's work is across the map of creativity. From innocense to concept, her images stand out. Did with me. I was hunting through facebook when an image she did led me back to her work. All this from her picking up a toy camera and the rest is history. Her and I share something in common, we are both previous darkroom hermits. Not many of us left. Please take in her work and enjoy. An extremely talented Photographer.

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