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This is not the official issue 12 of SESSIONS Online Magazine. But it is an update and advertisement for the 12th issue, why the publication went AWOL and what I need for you the artist who wishes to submit. Let's get the techinical information out first. Issue 12 will come out between the 21st and 28th. I'm leaving a lot open since in the last 24 hours I have had a few contact me that want in, but won't have work done until right down to Halloween. So I'm leaving the release of the issue on a sliding scale. BUT, work needs to be to be at least by the 15th or 16th. This would leave me time to get it all put together for Halloween. Photographers, send me any type of imagery you would like. Yes, the theme is Halloween but I'm open to anything. Yes! Nudes are allowed. Artist, please send me your work. Drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc. Writers. I have lost writers who sent me work and I need new ones. Fresh ideas and any type of writing. To be honest. SESSIONS is a fun publication and I would rather keep politics out of it. I know that we've all become passionate about the world these days, but let's leave this magazine on the sidelines to it.

Issue 12 was set to come out in July of 2018, with Issue 13 being the Halloween issue. Unfortunately, due to a butt load of personal issues, this was not to be and the magazine was put on hold. Part of this was a health issue, as well as relocation to a temporary home, from which I am currently working out of. No! The magazine is not done and over with. The cover still gets 300 hits a day and most of those include viewers going through the entire mag. While this is low to what I have had since starting the magazine, it is still worth poking at and stirring new flames. Plus, I receive emails wanting to know when the next issue will be up, as well as work being sent to me for publication. If it wasn't for all this interest then I would simply let it drop. Interesting point. SESSIONS gets most of its traffic off Google, not Facebook or Instagram. Meaning its life is not dependent on social networking. This makes me extremely happy. I think too much is based on social media. To know something is alive and thriving outside of it is a good sign for the future.

New additions are new galleries, features and departments. I want more writing and I am looking for more writers. A magazine is dependent on content and I think SESSIONS is lacking in this. As I said, I want to keep politics out of the magazine. But I am open to receiving all types of written work, if it is based on current issues, then send it along and change my mind. I'm currently looking into the subject of Shadowbanning which to me is censorship. So please send me whatever might peak your interest.

The 2121 Gallery will be a new department that hooks up artist in the magazine with Instagram. Here is how it works. An image or two of yours that will in the magazine will also be placed on the 2121 instagram profile. As will as section pieces from the magazine. In between issues, cover art will be displayed as well as work that artist have done that I like and admire with links back to your Instagram. I also intend to start including portraits that all of us do. So the theme is magazine. It can be any swing on it possible. Like a piece you did? Tag the mag @the2121gallery. Hell I intend to put my work on it!! So should you. My hope is that it allows a certain amount of networking.




Yes!! I'm now allowing nudes into SESSIONS. Actually I always have. But I've now opened it to full layouts. If it's all you shoot then by all means send. Here are the requirements. First you will need a model release from the model or models and have it on hand in case it is needed. Model must be at least 18 years of age, you will need a copy of her or even his drivers license. Again these are for your records but needs to be provided if any issues should arise. While I love nudes and made a living shooting nudes, the work you submit must be clean. Meaning nothing graphic. Let's lean to the art side and not Hustler magazine. I would love to receive a series on rope work, but again keep it clean. I'm not trying to limit ones art and I love the nude form, but these days you can get into a lot of trouble as a magazine publisher, so let's keep it clean. Provide links to the models work, as well as your own. If the nudes are based around a subject matter, theme or writing then please include that as well. Wanna send me a nude that is covered in blood? Then by all means. It's the Halloween issue let's remember!! I think you all will understand. Send me nudes and we will publish them, just keep it to the art side and clean. I dont wanna do time or have a lynch mob hunt me down.

While issue 12 will be officially The Halloween Project Takeover issue. This year that part of teh magazine will be limited and smaller in size. On paper I have 5 shoots personally to complete which is by far the smallest I have ever shot. Again this is due to life getting in the way. But those 5 shoots are only for the actual issue coming out. Since March of 2018 I have been working on a Halloween Project book, which will entail quite a few shoots to complete. I will be working on this series for the book right up to May of 2019. So if you are a model expect to be dressed to scare for Christmas or even Valentines. Photographer's or model's who have a Halloween series of your own, please send me a few of your images for the issue. If you would like to be part of the Halloween Project book then contact me, I need models to complete shoot ideas. Just expect to get messy!

Theme for Issue 12 is open. Yes, it is the Halloween Takeover issue, but if you want to send work that is non Halloween then by all means. The goal is to get the magazine back up and on track. Deadline is October 15 to 16th. Send me by Email, FB messaging or even through IG, at least 5 to 10 or more images, at 300 dpi/high resolution. Add artist bio, image info, links, model links, etc..Hook up to The 2121 Gallery on Instagram and that's about it. Simple!! Have questions? Email me or message me on IG or FB. Writers,.....please send me your work. Fiction or Non Fiction. Hell, if you tried a peanut butter brand and hate it then write to me why you hate it. Just write something and pass it to me!! That's about it everyone. Let's make the issue fun. You have a little over one month. Be creative. Never submitted to SESSIONS and are afraid you will be denied? I doubt it!! I've never denied anyone  so far, don't see it happening. So please send and share.