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I just wanted to jump in real quick and give all the fans of SESSIONS Online Magazine an update that came about rather quickly, and will affect the issue in a major way. I see it as something really good and positive. Here is what I can offer so far, a final update with full info will be posted in December, but until then this is what I can say. The magazine will go through a few changes, namely.......the name. SESSIONS name will change. Yes, the name it's went by for 12 issues and two years will be changed. SESSIONS will be put to bed and a new magazine title merged into it. The reason for this is two fold. First if you Google, SESSIONS the European version that ended in 2013 comes up first. This has been a roadblock to areas that we have wanted to take the publication. Plus, SESSIONS is now popular outside the US so we need to distance it from the defunked European publication. Second, SESSIONS began as my personal photo series that I would like to see evolve. So what will happen is that the name SESSIONS will be merged with another title and thus the new version will be born with a new name. Rebirth happens January 2019, the new title will be unveiled in December of 2018. What started out as a hard decision seemed the most likely answer to seeing the publication grow.

The new version of SESSIONS will also come with Digital and Print options. Of course there is a fee to this option. The twist to this option is first the name. NO! The Digital and Print version will not be named after the online magazine. It will have it's own name. Fingerprint will be the print and digital version of the online magazine. Why? I created Fingerprint in 2016 as a cover art portfolio, but the want was to have it as a real magazine. When we went with Magcloud to build a print version of SESSIONS we found that the European version of SESSIONS is still in their data bank and available for purchase. This would be a potential problem. So I made the final decision. The online site is called one name, while the print version is another, but the two publications are a team. But there is a twist. The print and digital version will have a few things in it that the online site does not. A little perk for your money.

For the most part, other then the name, SESSIONS will not change. It's main drive will be to showcase great photography, art, and the written word. The hunt goes on for writers. We will venture into event coverage and obtaining press credentials. I would also like to explore music. I'll be looking for photographers willing to shoot as well as interview bands in their area. My idea is in the US as well as outside the US. The band would have to have media available for listening. These are ideas being tossed around. SESSIONS began as a photo magazine with a model highlighted in every issue. So we will be going back to hunting for models. Each issue could have up to 3 pictorials. In 2019 I will be going back to shooting more, but will be looking to other photographers to help me out with content. SESSIONS will be a 4 issue a year magazine (quarterly). Covers for two of the issues will be open to photographers to submit to. There is a lot more. I'll be honest I am typing this off of a bunch of notes we made. The details to all of this will be in the December update, after that info can be found in the submission guidelines.

The major change? SESSIONS will look like a magazine, online and in print. Because it is, or will be. I'm being encouraged to take this publication to a new level and I really want to do it. Think, Sour Magazine, Phantasm, Mass Media Magazine, etc..This is the look and level we are going for. Time to step it up. Please keep an eye on this update page for the release of the new "rebirth" name for the new SESSIONS, December 2018.

K R Tracy