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Editor: If you are from Kansas City, in the US, Or anywhere near the area and maybe about 2 or 3 years ago, went to the Renaissance Festival, then without knowing it you probably ran into Rissy. In my expperience in meeting her, she was a performer, and actress, a woman that stayed in character and entertained. When a photographer meets someone like this, mix in that she is a very pretty woman, they want them as a model. But as I got to know Rissy I found out that she was even more an artist then I could have ever imagined. I drew and sketched from an early age, for me it was therapy, a way of communicating. So I not only look for artist who are photographers, I also look for artist who draw and paint. Rissy has talent. Her drawings and paintings remind me of a nightmare, both in terror and sexuality. Her mind is either in a constant state of kaos and fantasy, or she sees things we don't see. Either way I love her work, she amazes me everytime I see a new piece.
K R Tracy