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The thing I like about the colleagues I have, that are close to my inner circle, is that while they are extremely good at their art, they are also humble. In the many talks I have had with Roger Duvall, he is everything about being humble. He creates these awesome images of various models, then goes and shoots a landscape, and just remains humble as hell. While we have never met, he has on many occasion's calmed my anxiety and or temper that has set off my artist thermostat. Roger would be one of those photographers whose work I stalk. In just the last year or so, he has gotten back into doing darkroom work. I was a darkroom hermit for many years until I went blind. Hearing his excitement about processing film and printing his own images brought back so many memories. The shots he displayed were beyond awesome. You just have no idea what it is like to work in a darkroom! But the main images I have displayed here are of the models he has worked with. I've wanted Roger to be part of SESSIONS from the first issue. One thing or the other got in the way of that. Rogers work with a model is one on one. Meaning he has a way of making the shot about just him and the model, and like very few photographers you can see he has them relaxed and enjoying themselves. Being playful, sexy, serious, frail, funny, etc...and the best yet, down to earth. No! Not every photographer can do this. More models should seek him out. I love his work and hope to see more of it! Roger, "Agfapan 100 & Rodinal, my favorite combination."

Thank you for joining us on SESSIONS, Roger. We have to have that cup of coffee soon.

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